What to Do While Visiting Taipei – Matt Keezer’s Traveling Guide

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, May 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Taipei, Taiwan’s capital and most populous city, is the country’s tourism epicenter. Nonetheless, most people are unaware of the content that Taipei has to offer because it serves as a central air hub for Asia, and most visitors come for a brief layover.

A wild nightlife, exciting and quirky museums, the endless massive food markets serving some of the best food in the world, spacious parks, and nearby mountains calling for a hike with easy and accessible trails – these are just a fraction of what Taiwan’s bustling, vibrant, food-loving capital can offer.

As Matt Keezer points out, while there are plenty of things to do and attractions to visit elsewhere in Taiwan, a person doesn’t even need to leave Taipei – there’s enough to see and do in the area to fill a week.

Matt Keezer also advises those planning to visit Taiwan during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep an eye on local news and government announcements, as travel and stay regulations are subject to change at any time.

Divine Soak in the Hot Springs

Because it is on the MRT (metro system) and only 30 minutes from downtown, the Beitou Hot Springs area is a popular tourist destination. There are numerous resorts, spas, and inns in the area where you can take a hot spring bath. According to Matt Keezer, all travelers should also check out the following three locations: Hot Springs Museum – located in an old bathhouse from 1913; Thermal Valley – a sulfurous lake nearby that has
walking trails; the Xinbeitou Historic Station – a heritage train station from 1916.

Art and History of Taipei’s Museums
Taipei has a lot of museums, and it’s surprising how many there are since the city isn’t known as being a center for museums.

Matt Keezer’s favorite museums in Taipei that everyone must put on their bucket list are:

National Taiwan Museum – Taiwan’s oldest museum, covering its history from a variety of scientific
perspectives, including anthropology, earth sciences, zoology, and botany.

Taipei Miniatures Museum – strange and fantastic, this museum houses over 200 architectural
miniatures, including castles, replica towns and streets, and even a 1/12 scale model of Buckingham

National 228 Memorial Museum – Dedicated to the tragic events that occurred following World War II,
when an uprising against the Chinese government began.

Taipei Fine Art Museum – Taiwan’s first art museum, housing a diverse collection of works by
international and Taiwanese artists.

Taipei Astronomical Museum is a fun and educational museum that features exhibits on ancient
astronomy, technology, telescopes, the solar system, and much more.

Day Trip to Jiufen

Jiufen, famous for its traditional teahouses and one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist destinations, is a historic gold-mining town that still sports preserved old streets. A few museums highlight the town’s gold mining past, lots of parks and lookouts, and some nearby hiking trails. Most people come here because they believe that this tiny city is an origin place of the popular fantasy film Spirited Away, but the reason they stay is incredible tea.

As Matt Keezer points out, Jiufen is a perfect place for tea lovers as it houses some of the world’s most beautiful teahouses located in the most stunning areas with amazing views.

Enjoying the View from Taipei 101 Standing 508m (1,667 feet) tall, Taipei 101 towers over Taipei and offers the most exclusive and breathtaking views in Taiwan, especially from the observation platform on the 89th floor. Those who are a tad bit braver can go up to the 91st floor and step outside to really get their blood pumping.

Matt Keezer’s advice – happy hour at Morton’s Steakhouse for super cheap drink specials extraordinary
views of Taipei 101 itself from their patio.

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