What Items to Pack for a Hike, According to Ronald Bohlayer

Ronald Bohlayer on What Items to Pack for a Hike

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , June 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heading out on a sunny day for a hike is a wonderful way to explore nature at its finest with family and friends, or just you and the dog. Whether you plan to trek deep into the mountains or remain closer to home, the number of destinations is plentiful with many national and state parks offering a vast network of trails. To understand what you need to bring, hiking enthusiast Ronald Bohlayer asks you to consider how far you are hiking, what the weather has in store, and how remote the location is.

What to Bring on Hiking Day

The basics on your hiking checklist include:
Enough food plus snacks for the day
First-aid kit
Hiking boots
Navigation tools
Plenty of water
Weather-appropriate clothing


According to Ronald Bohlayer, your main piece of equipment will be a durable backpack that holds 11-20 pounds of gear for simple and short hikes. If you are taking a longer trek, especially overnight, you will require a larger backpack to hold a variety of items. To choose the best backpack for your hike, you must consider the following:
How you will use the backpack will be dependent on the activities you plan to perform on your hike. This also determines what features you need in a daypack.
The size of your pack is determined by the amount of gear you plan to carry which is based on your distance, the weather, and the remoteness of the location.
Frame type and pack access are the two main features you should be concerned with and will impact how the backpack works for you.
Hip size and torso length are the two most important fit factors.
In addition to your backpack, you may wish to invest in trekking poles for more rigorous and hilly hikes or those with rocky terrain.

Clothing and Footwear

Before going on a hike, Ronald Bohlayer always looks at the forecast to ensure he dresses properly for the conditions. Prepare for rapidly changing weather patterns, especially when hiking up a mountain. That means packing extra clothes beyond the requirements for the trip. Ronal Bohlayer also emphasizes you must understand the amount of protection your clothes offer from the sun.

Your footwear will be determined by the terrain. For gentle hikes along smooth trails, runners or hiking shoes are the best option. For rugged and rocky trails, you should bring hiking boots to ensure you have proper footing. Additional clothing items to consider are moisture-wicking underwear and t-shirts, quick-drying shorts or pans, a long-sleeve shirt, a lightweight jacket, an extra pair of socks, and extra clothes beyond the minimum.

Food and Water

Ronald Bohlayer advises you to pack extra snacks like jerky, nuts, and energy bars that can easily be consumed on the trail. Some like to bring sandwiches for lunch as well. For water, figure two liters per person for the day but adjust based on the intensity and length of the hike.
Lastly, please be mindful of the fact that you are guest in the forest, as it is home to many creatures and you are simply a visitor. Ronald Bohlayer suggests taking a plastic bag as well to remove all trash from the forest that you may create on your hike.

These are the basics for a regular hiking trip with the duration, distance, weather, and remoteness of the hiking all playing a factor in what you pack. By following this checklist, you will be well-prepared for a wonderful hike!

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