Vote Verification Software Launches Before Georgia Runoff

While turning out the vote in Georgia will play an important role in the January 5th Senate election, ensuring that every vote is counted is priority one.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, December 21, 2020 / — After years of research, development and testing, Florida-based Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC, just released the future of election oversight. Their revolutionary Election Participation Audit answers the question on every conservative voter’s mind: “Was my vote really counted?” Poli-Tech’s ability to verify that a subscriber’s primary, general or special election ballot was cast but not counted is a remarkable breakthrough at a time when Georgia voters will determine the direction of our country.

According to Chuck Kirkpatrick, Poli-Tech’s Founder and CEO: “With 1 million poll workers at 117,000 poll locations in 3,242 counties, all using different machines and operating under different county and state rules and regulations, ‘preventing’ voter fraud is impossible. So we took a different approach; how to detect when a vote is cast but not counted. Then we expanded our ability to track ‘Votes Cast Not Counted’ at the county and state levels, and also to detect if someone fraudulently votes under another person’s name.”

“While our system processes voters in all states, we’re focused for the next few weeks on helping Georgia avoid another lost ballot fiasco,” adds Kirkpatrick, a former Albany, Georgia resident. Accurate voter data is crucial so Kirkpatrick partnered with Aristotle International, an award-winning global leader in non-partisan political technology, consulting, data services and voter analytics​. This all-important real-time data provides election watchdog teams vital information that could indicate the early stages of ballot tampering.

Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the political world. The CEO has been involved in politics for decades and also served as the Fort Lauderdale Campaign Office Manager for the Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign and as a south Florida War Room Team Member during the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. Now Kirkpatrick is encouraging fellow conservatives to participate in the Election Participation Audit just in time for the Georgia runoff. The founder and CEO argues that protecting our conservative ballots from mysteriously disappearing is well worth the limited-time $4.95 annual subscription!

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