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Dr Seth of LBSM support a patient with their recovery — Source — LBSM Website

Dr Seth of LBSM support a patient with their recovery — Source — LBSM Website

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2021 / — We are excited to announce our partnership with London Bridge Sports Medicine (LBSM), a medical clinic specialising in sports injury, health, wellbeing and performance in the United Kingdom.

LBSM are a group of sports medicine doctors, specialising in musculoskeletal injury and sports-related illness. Using the latest medical knowledge and techniques to diagnose and treat all forms of injury and illness. They are also one of the exclusive sport medicine partners for The Championships, Wimbledon held annually in London, UK.

Vault Hill will work with LBSM to provide an augmented reality (AR) offering for patient consultation to enhance their experiences and unlock a new business model with this new cutting edge proposition.

This partnership aligns with Vault Hill plans to launch the Vitality district (Omega), where users can keep fit and agile. With work underway with luxury fitness app provider Today Fit to provide virtual reality (VR) experiences for their mindfulness product, this aligns with Vault Hill’s strategic vision.

LBSM will own a parcel of virtual land (VLAND) as a non-fungible token (NFT) in the Vault Hill City Metaverse where a virtual office will be built. This is a testament to building a metaverse that is designed to make you feel more human every time you visit.

About London Bridge Sports Medicine

LBSM provides medical consultation (including virtual appointments), injection therapy, performance medicine and ultrasound and medical diagnostics to help improve health and lifestyle.

To learn more, please visit their website at

About Vault Hill

Vault Hill is an extended reality Blockchain-based metaverse, designed to make you feel more human.
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