Vantes Is Curating Some Of Their Most Unique Visions Into Masterpiece Collections

We are upcoming Latina designers from Los Angeles wanting to elevate the industry through fashion design.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , May 3, 2021 / — Vantes is a LA-based clothing line bringing some additional masterpieces to the clothing industry. Vantes plans to open up an e-commerce storefront, in which consumers can shop the brand online and have their items shipped directly to their door. Making it 10x easier for their girls to access exceptional women’s street style garments from the comfort of their own homes. Only curating the best experience for their customers!

“We have created a name for ourselves through clothing. We do not focus on mass producing/putting out something we’re not genuinely passionate about, just to get money. We create the clothes with our authentic taste and strong vision, bringing our creations to life. We encourage any type of body/size to wear our pieces and not put themselves in a box, limiting themselves to what they can and can not wear. The whole meaning behind our brand is to create pieces to bring out a beautiful side of women so they can bring that beautiful side out in others. When you’re feeling good you give off love effortlessly and contentiously. That love will spread onto others, no doubt. It’s all a cycle.” -Maya & Vivian Cervantes

To keep up with Vantes as it continues to flourish and expand, follow the company’s Instagram page @

Maya & Vivian Cervantes

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