‘Cutting Edge Jewelry Brand Announces Celebrity Influencer Collaborations For Summer’

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, June 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Timelapse is proud to announce their celebrity influencer collaborations and the introduction of their capsule collection. The designs heavily feature characteristics that are unique to Timelapse, from the finest grade precious metals, to the sustainability that is used in order to create pieces that will last lifetimes. There is a focus on intrinsic design quality and a formal appreciation of the mechanical ingenuity and complexity that hand crafted pieces and watch movements exhibit. From where the movement was made to what is going on in our modern world, each person and each piece has a uniquely individual story to tell. Timelapse has collaborated with a number of influencers and actresses; including the renowned actress Kara Royster.

The signature bracelets and necklaces are the focal point of this collection, channeling the individuality and experience that comes with layering various pieces, each containing a beautiful story being told. The Circle Bangle is the brand’s take on a minimal cuff, featuring an
arrow-shaped end to signify the circularity of life and connectivity to ourselves, others, and the planet. Timelapse pieces are symbolized by three gears, each representing a member of the Trinity of Time: the past, present, and future. These timeless pieces are meant to remind us of the importance of our past, the plans of the present, and the execution of the future. The bangles come in two sizes, thick and thin, both designed to be loose fitting, stackable, and versatile. The rings in the new collection play off ‘The Classic’, a truly timeless piece representing the notion of fully immersing and living in the present.

Each piece is handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles utilizing high quality raw materials, gold, and sterling silver, all of which are responsibly sourced to make the planet and the consumers feel their best. Timelapse is blurring the lines between art, craft, and fashion, bringing the same historical appreciation for artistic qualities and geometric precision that original watchmakers possessed into modern focus.

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