The World Protection Group Receives FAA Waiver for Beyond Visual Line of Site 107.31 Aircraft Operation

Executive Protection Drone Unit

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2020 / — The World Protection Group (WPG), a leading security firm specializing in international executive protection and executive protection drone operations, has just received the FAA drone waiver, the beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) 107.31 – Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aircraft Operation. This is one of the most difficult waivers to acquire granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The World Protection Group is the only security firm in the United States to acquire all 3 of the most difficult FAA drone waivers.

This waiver applies to a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) and regulates to Fly a UAS beyond your ability to clearly determine its orientation with unaided vision
The waiver allows drone pilots to control the drone outside their VLOS.

Very few organizations have been granted this waiver and only FAA drone pilots with the highest level of training can implement its use.

This waiver joins the two others already held by WPG:

• 107.39 – Operation Over People – To Fly UAS Over a Person/People waiver, which allows the drone to be flown over the top of people which has an extremely low approval rate.

• 107.29 – Daylight Operations – To Fly UAS at Night waiver

These are key to the executive protection and investigations services provided by WPG. Such waivers are extremely difficult to obtain in the industry, setting WPG apart once again.

The ability to operate drones beyond the VLOS is essential to the protection of human life and for ensuring WPG’s clients and their properties are kept safe and secure at all times by using visual observers on each mission.

WPG is a full-service international Executive Protection firm protecting private high net worth executives, celebrities, estates, & corporations. Our drone services are essential for maintaining high-security levels, including risk assessments and investigations, investigations, surveillance, protective advances, route planning, estate patrols, and intelligence.

The VLOS waiver will allow WPG to expand its security efforts and intelligence when providing our full security and proactive protection services. Its drone operators have also gone through rigorous training and testing in order to be granted this waiver. This means that only the best drone operators work under WPG. WPG has trained their FAA drone pilots in night operations, visual observers, and disaster response. One of the goals is to support law enforcement in drone operations in addition to their client’s security needs.

WPG employs only the best FAA remote drone pilots operating its extensive fleet of drones. This grant of waiver by the FAA will allow its pilots to conduct wide-ranging aerial sweeps, patrols, investigations, and searches of properties and areas.

This means that its security services are more sophisticated, thorough and concentrated than ever before.

At the point of receiving the waiver, WPG has already begun to plan the implementation of piloting beyond the VLOS wavier. Security personnel will execute new protective strategies with the use of drones throughout large spaces and properties.

The implementation of WPG’s security operations integrates its drones with manned security maneuvers to ensure its clients’ safety at all times and in any situation.

Kent Moyer, CEO tells us his goal is to be the most advanced executive protection drone operations in the United States and provide our Armed Security FAA pilots with the best training through several excellent drone training schools. Currently we have 5 FAA drone pilots with 4 more in training to get their FAA Part 107 license. We also have a fleet of the top drones and drone equipment to provide 24/7 drone operations in any emergency.

Air patrols working under the new waiver will have greater surveillance and counter-surveillance abilities as well as far-reaching search and rescue capabilities, and extensive risk and vulnerability assessments.

About The World Protection Group

Founded in 2001by Kent Moyer and headquartered in Beverly Hills, with offices in New York City, Mexico, and Shanghai. The World Protection Group offers full-service international security. WPG is the only US-based security company with three FAA waivers: one to fly over the top of people and the other to fly operations at night and now Beyond visual line of site. WPG has armed security trained pilots and an extensive fleet of Drones. Pilots are required to have FEMA 100, 200 and 300 training so they know what to do when emergencies and natural disasters occur and fit into the FEMA system.

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