The Suture Buddy has gone dental!

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The Suture Buddy Dental Suture Kit

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Dental students can now enjoy suturing on a life like pad rather than with fruit and other gross stuff.

Never Abuse Poor Fruit Again”

— Jamal Rahimi

SPRING, TX, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — The Suture Buddy is proud to announce that we are venturing into the dental world with our new dental suture pad and dental suture kit.

Our newest suture pad provides unmatched practice for intra-oral suture placement.

Practice horizontal mattress, corner suture, simple interrupted, Figure-8 and every other type of suture you will see inside the mouths of your patients.

The Pad has 4 intra-oral modules. It comes attached to a white base for ease of practice on all 4 modules at the same time.

Kit Includes:
-Suture Buddy Dental Suture Pad
-Tools (Needle Driver, Tissue Forceps, Suture Scissors)
-Box of 12 Nylon Suture. (5-0)

Pad Material: Silicone
Pad dimensions with attached base: 7in X 5in X 0.5in
Total Weight: 6.15 oz.

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