The Seekers’ Talk Podcast Aims to Connect the Dots Between Art, Science, and Spirituality

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Mazyar Sharifian of the seeker's talk podcast

Mazyar Sharifian

Shreyans Zaveri

Shreyans Zaveri

The podcast is hosted by Mazyar Sharifian and Shreyans Zaveri – two notable figures in the entertainment industry.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2020 / — Mazyar Sharifian and Shreyans Zaveri, hosts of The Seekers’ Talk, are excited to announce the official launch of their brand-new podcast.

The Seekers’ Talk is an insightful podcast which discusses the connection between art, science, and spirituality. In the podcast, Sharifian and Zaveri explore how these different fields converge in a trinity, while attempting to understand the various patterns that form around these subjects.

“As filmmakers and visual effects artists in the entertainment industry, we are very excited to produce, document, and release a podcast we feel will be intriguing to many listeners from around the world,” says Zaveri. “Both Mazyar and I are highly spiritual people, and we do our best to keep this perspective alive not only in our podcasts, but in everything we do. While we love our daytime jobs, this podcast gives us the opportunity to freely talk about our spiritual journey, which is something we don’t get to do while at work.”

According to the hosts, The Seekers’ Talk was born as a result of common interests shared by both Sharifian and Zaveri. The two met in college where they were both majoring in Visual Effects. Having worked on various projects together, the dynamic duo found common topics to explore and realized that art and science cannot exist without each other. Additionally, the one common binding factor for this belief is their quest towards spirituality.

Through The Seekers’ Talk, Sharifian and Zaveri are attempting to talk about their experiences and create a community of like-minded Seekers, while perhaps providing some answers to the bigger questions of humanity’s existence.

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About the Hosts

Mazyar Sharifian was born and raised in Iran. He has an inborn inclination towards cultivating new ideas and his education ranges from Engineering to a Master’s degree in Visual Effects. Sharifian turned his passion for films into his profession by making short films and video arts and is currently working with a major Hollywood studio.

Shreyans Zaveri was born and raised in India, Mumbai. From an early age, Shreyans was inclined towards telling stories and his work, through his novels and filmmaking, reflect this passion. Zaveri has written two widely acclaimed novels and is working to create more. His education interests range from Science to Philosophy and Visual effects. Zaveri currently works on commercials for major tech giants in the Silicon Valley area.

Shreyans Zaveri
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