The NCIDC Reports that its Practices are In-Network Choices with United Healthcare Compass HMO Exchange Plans for 2021

North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration

The NCIDC is the largest clinically integrated network of independent dermatologists in the state that offers access to high-value dermatologists

CARY, NC, US, December 29, 2020 / — The NCIDC reported that United Healthcare Compass Exchange Plans include member practices of the North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaboration (NCIDC), a leading independent clinically integrated dermatology healthcare provider collaboration in the state, in its select network for its January 2021 launch into the Triangle area of North Carolina. The NCIDC has developed plans that align with the mission on the fundamentals of patient-centered care, with the goal of enhancing the patient-doctor relationship and promoting better health and lower costs, as well as focus on patients getting better access to dermatologists and all the subspecialties of dermatology and improving the quality of dermatologic care.
Effective January 1, 2021, UnitedHealthcare will be expanding options for members to purchase health insurance. These new plans will be offered on the Individual Marketplace where individuals and families can purchase health insurance. In North Carolina, the UnitedHealthcare Exchange plans will utilize the Compass network of providers. Specifically designed to meet the needs of exchange consumers, it Includes select, high-quality providers, a customized, more focused network of care providers, and a primary care provider (PCP) that manages a member’s health care.
Many of North Carolina’s independent dermatology physician groups have formed a regional collaborative designed to allow them to provide the benefits of a clinically integrated collaboration which include higher efficiency of care, improved quality, more effective delivery, lower costs, and increased savings.
The organization, dubbed the North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaborative, brings together a very large number of providers of dermatology care spanning the Triangle area of North Carolina. The physicians have built an organization for physicians by physicians that will allow the participating physicians to achieve the advantages of being part of a larger clinically integrated system. Member physician practices will facilitate lowering costs, all while providing high-quality care with the same hometown doctor patients have come to know and trust — all without sacrificing their independence.
The founding members of the Collaborative in addition to its large general dermatology care base, offers a broad range of dermatology specialties, from Dermatopathology to Pediatric Dermatology and Dermatologic surgery including Mohs surgery to Cosmetic Dermatology and much more.
Dubbed the North Carolina Independent Dermatology Collaborative, the entity comprises 25 independent dermatology providers who serve estimated 250,000-plus patients in the area. Formed amid increasing healthcare consolidation and value-based care models, the collaborative is intended to provide higher efficiencies at lower costs.


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