The Most Unforgettable Academy in the World

The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia

The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia

The Self Esteem Doctor Academy

The Self Esteem Doctor Academy

Kids Love TSED Academy

Kids Love TSED Academy

Uniquely focused on lifelong self-esteem for kids.

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / — If she sounds like a proud parent, it’s because she truly is. The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia lights up as she discusses her Academy and why she describes it as ‘the most unforgettable academy in the world.’

“The tools and techniques I use to create the content in my academy are designed specifically to reprogram the way our kids are thinking. This means that every single resource is meant to create lasting memories and strong emotional anchors within them. So, quite literally it’s all designed to be unforgettable!”

While Simone is ever lighthearted and playful as she declares TSED Academy’s top position in the world, her goals are quite serious and in no way competing with academic institutions.

“There are some really basic fundamentals that our kids don’t know about self-esteem and it’s actually hurting them. I want every child to have a fair chance to learn these things. That’s why there are so many free resources in the Academy…. and it’s also why I love to work together with K through 12 schools. Together we can transform the mindset of our youth.”

Simone truly feels that TSED Academy can make a real difference by giving kids valuable self-esteem building tools and teaching them how to use them. Simone’s passion is to emphasize the “HOW” for improving self-esteem, mindset and behavior choices. It’s a concept you’ll see repeated endlessly as you scroll through her social media accounts.

“Informing kids about ‘what’ they can do is important. But I’m truly committed to taking that one step further and helping them to fully experience and practice the HOW.”

That experiential learning environment can be seen in some of the key features of TSED Academy like, video lessons, visual language, hands-on demonstrations, live group coaching and other elements that are designed to reach and teach multiple learning styles.

So whether it’s a mini-course about comparing yourself to others or the ‘How to Believe in Yourself’ lesson in the Easy Self Esteem Builder, the goal is to have a lasting and positive effect on the mindset of our kids, while giving them real tools to use along the way.

“I am not actually competing with any other institutions, but I am proud of TSED Academy and I certainly feel like a winner when families tell me about the results they’re getting.

Like when a mom reported, “{My daughter} loves it! I see changes in her after your class!”

Now, it’s your turn to see for yourself. You can start with the FREE Resource Library or the FREE teen course or the top-tier program, The Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids. Whichever you choose, maybe you and your kids will joyfully agree that this truly is the most unforgettable academy in the world.

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