Sustainable living without giving up on urban comforts, a new book published by Stardom Books, to counter urbanization

Blue Dharma Book Cover

Blue Dharma Book Cover

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Integrating the seven strands of sustainability into an all-inclusive “RURBAN” commune, a new book by Rajendra Kumar, published by Stardom Books.

I wrote this book as part of my mission to inspire people and show them how we did what we did at Naandi & follow the path of responsibility and an all-inclusive sustainable lifestyle in modern times”

— Rajendra Kumar

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 5, 2021 / — Blue Dharma: A Responsibility Called Earth
Rajendra Kumar

Imprint: Stardom Books
On sale: May 12, 2021
Price: $36 (Hardcover), $18 (Paperback)
Pages: 172
ISBN: 9781733211697

Raam Anand

When scientists are arguing that we, as humans, have reached the point of no-return when it comes to destroying this planet, Carl Sagan’s “the blue dot” sees a new ray of hope in a remote corner of the world.

Environmentalists are alarmed at how little time we have on our hands to reverse humanity’s crimes against nature. Some even believe there isn’t much to be done and have lost all hopes, looking at the depleting polar ice covers, uncontrollable forest fires, poisonous fumes filling up the air we breathe, crowded cities, water crises,… and the list goes on and on.

Rajendra Kumar, the author of the new book, Blue Dharma, comes along with a mission to bring hope and help to counter urbanization, which he believes is the root cause of all the environmental destruction. The author writes about his experiences while working on his dream project, Naandi, a RURBAN commune, in the rural parts of India. The core idea is to take up rural living without giving up on urban comforts. Today, more than 300 formerly sophisticated, urban families live a happy, rural life at Naandi.

The book talks about the seven-fold path the author discovered during the process. How the seven elements, air, water, soil, food, energy, shelter, and people, are involved in countering urbanization effectively. The author reveals how the damage can be reversed, and people can make a positive impact on the community. It emphasizes how going rural does not mean going backwards at the same time.

“I believe that fresh air, clean water, nutritious food, safe shelter, and a great community… are the real luxuries today,” says the author. “I wrote this book as part of my mission to inspire people and show them how we did what we did at Naandi and follow the path of responsibility and an all-inclusive sustainable lifestyle in modern times”, says Rajendra Kumar.

In Blue Dharma, readers can find ideas, wisdom, research, frameworks, architectural challenges and the actual progression of the project with extensive before/after photographs, charts, and key information on counter-urbanization and sustainable living.

The book is full of real-life examples and practical tips on how people can have a meaningful, happy, and sustainable RURBAN lifestyle without giving up on their urban comforts.

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RAJENDRA KUMAR is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of SurgeB Inc., Washington DC, holding equity in over eleven well-respected enterprises. These organizations were formed and nurtured by him as humble startups, groomed into multiple award-winning enterprises, and established as thought leaders. Rajendra Kumar comes with over 26 years of hands-on experience and has an acute passion with an eye to detail in Sustainable Design, Vision Crafting, Strategic Planning, Branding, and Corporate Management. He is currently mentoring multiple organizations on Operational Growth and Enterprise Risk Management, apart from striving to create a Global Sustainability Fund to help businesses with Triple-Bottomline focus succeed and promote People and Planet well-being without compromising on Profits. This book is like a blueprint with a core intent to inspire people to follow the path of a sustainable lifestyle, which has the power to reverse climate change and restore human well-being. As a co-founder of Organo, he narrates many facts based on his real-time experiences from their path-breaking and one-of-its-kind project, Naandi.

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Blue Dharma: A Responsibility Called Earth (Book)

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