Spektra Systems launches SaaSify Essentials plan to help ISVs accelerate their journey to Cloud Marketplaces.

The Essentials plan provides self-serve onboarding capability to software vendors looking to expand their go-to-market channels and grow their revenue.

ISVs asked and we delivered. Our Essential’s Plan enables them to publish their products on their own within a week and without making any major monetary commitment.”

— Manesh Raveendran, CEO & Founder at Spektra Systems

REDMOND, WA, USA, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spektra Systems, a leading cloud solutions company enabling businesses to fast track their digital empowerment journey has just launched their much-awaited pricing plan — the SaaS Essentials Plan — to enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to start selling their SaaS offers on Cloud Marketplaces within a week, and, in a cost-effective manner.

SaaSify is a zero-engineering platform that is leveraged by top ISVs across the globe to publish, sell and manage their products on commercial marketplaces. It is pre-integrated with the Fulfillment APIs of marketplaces which allows vendors to get listed in a time and resource efficient manner. SaaSify allows ISVs to publish and sell transactable products on both Azure Marketplace & AWS Marketplace through a single pane of glass.

Cloud marketplaces are bound to become the mainstream channel for software sales as both software vendors and buyers are increasingly relying on them for smooth SaaS selling and procurement. Microsoft has reported that number of products listed on Azure Marketplace has crossed 16,000 by the mid of 2021.

Spektra has structured the Essentials plan to provide self-serve onboarding capability to Software vendors looking to expand their go-to-market channels. Compared to the other SKUs (Standard and Premium) offered by SaaSify, the Essentials plan is a cost-efficient option which allows ISVs to quickly get their SaaS offers listed in the marketplaces within a week — through an easy-to-use Self-Service Portal.

SaaSify will provide all the necessary guidelines and documentation on all technical aspects, so that businesses are able to onboard their products easily. Through the SaaSify dashboard they will be able to seamlessly manage customer subscriptions, capture leads, and initiate and close private deals.

The plan is ideal for ISVs who want to try out the public cloud marketplace sales channel and assess how it helps them in bringing in more customers, enter an ever-growing partner system and discover mutually beneficial partnerships with Microsoft, registered Azure partners and Amazon AWS partners.

SaaS Essential plan offers the following features and services at a price of $7,500.00/year:

1. Unlimited Offers, Plan & Product Management
2. Standard Metering (w/o APIs)
3. Email Notifications
4. Integrations (Microsoft Teams, Slack)
5. Professional Services based on the requirement.

As a launch offer, Spektra Systems is offering the SaaS Essentials plan at a discounted price of $5K/year until Dec 2021.

Core SaaSify Benefits that make it the all-in-one solution for Marketplace success:

1. ISVs can publish SaaS offer within a week — with either/both private and public pricing
2. Unified subscription management throughout the offer lifecycle
3. Is compatible with both AWS and Azure Marketplace
4. Complete onboarding — zero-engineering efforts required which minimizes 6-months long publish cycle to a week.
5. Smart metering helps accurate usage reporting across different billing structures
6. Advanced analytics for transactions, payouts, collections, taxes, and fees.
7. Integrations — Microsoft Teams, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce.

SaaSify is trusted by leading technology giants and the team works closely with Microsoft & AWS to empower the partner ecosystem and enable customers to maximize on their cloud marketplace returns.

ISVs can start their Cloud marketplace journey by visiting SaaSify Essentials.

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