SOL VISTA Partners with EcoGreen Energy Solutions to Provide Best-In-Class Analytics, Support On-Site Capabilities

SOL VISTA’s Skywalk platform to expand EcoGreen’s on-site services with advanced analytics, benchmarking compliance, energy supply, and sustainability reporting

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 / — SOL VISTA®, the leading provider of cross-brand, hotel energy analytics and benchmarking services, today announced a new partnership with EcoGreen Energy Solutions, a provider of energy-efficient lighting, energy management systems, and on-site services. The partnership brings SOL VISTA’s Skywalk® platform to EcoGreen’s efficiency efforts and provides advanced analytics to EcoGreen’s customers.

With the continued concerns facing commercial real estate and hospitality industries stemming from COVID-19, businesses are looking to reduce utility and operating costs. These cost reductions require a comprehensive approach including adjusting operations, procuring cheaper energy, retrofitting onsite equipment, as well as advanced data analytics designed to help those businesses find the most energy- and cost-efficient solutions.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership with SOL VISTA and the possibilities it opens for our customers to ensure better compliance, energy procurement, efficiency, and, ultimately, the kinds of cost savings that we strive to provide,” said Scott Parisi, President of EcoGreen Energy Solutions. “SOL VISTA’s advanced analytics will help EcoGreen better support our customers who look to us for on-site expertise.”

This partnership marks the latest phase of growth for SOL VISTA, as it remains committed to continually enhancing its value to customers. This includes expanding support of the internal environmental and energy efforts of major hotel companies, including Hilton LightStay, IHG Green Engage, and Marriott MESH.

“Everyone is looking ahead to an uncertain future, and we want to find partners that combine their expertise with our data analytics to provide a path forward as businesses look to reduce operating costs,” said SOL VISTA CEO and Co-founder Shannon Sentman. “We look forward to providing our Skywalk platform to help bolster EcoGreen’s on-site projects as they continue to provide excellent service and cost-savings for their customers.”

SOL VISTA helps the hotel industry improve the operating performance and value of their buildings. Its Skywalk® SaaS platform automates ongoing building performance and utility rate monitoring to provide subscribers with ready insights and actionable alerts that enable immediate and sustained savings. Skywalk, with the world’s largest database of cross-brand hotel energy and water usage and cost data, delivers a comprehensive building analytics and benchmarking solution that tracks over 100 million square feet and over $250 million in utility costs, while programmatically aggregating data from over 300 unique utilities.

About EcoGreen Energy Solutions
EcoGreen an energy and construction project management firm based in Knoxville, TN was developed from a desire to motivate hoteliers into contributing to meaningful conservational measures by reducing operational expenses through Green Initiatives. EcoGreen has led hundreds of energy and construction projects within the hospitality sector since 2008. EcoGreen manages every aspect of the evaluation, bidding, budgeting, procurement and onsite management of renovation and new construction projects.

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