Simona Spilak Wants You to Know That Showing Vulnerability Is the Most Powerful Leadership Move You Can Make

There are times leaders struggle to show emotion in front of their employees – this is why my coaching exists.”

— Simona Spilak

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, SLOVENIA, June 2, 2021 / — Your humanity is one of the most important assets you can have as a business leader, and few people know that better than Simona Spilak. Currently an executive leadership coach and university lecturer, she also has 20 years experience of working at a senior level in the corporate world. As a result, Simona has seen just how damaging it can be when higher-ups refuse to show vulnerability. Particularly as people continue to feel overwhelmed while working from home, Simona believes it is more crucial now than ever before that your colleagues see that you, a leader, have weaknesses and feel emboldened to ask for help with theirs.

Working in senior positions for high-profile corporations brings with it more than its fair share of responsibilities. However, while many in these roles feel they can’t open up when they’re struggling, Simona stresses that this won’t necessarily make you seem stronger as a leader. In fact, it distances you from the people and values at the heart of your organisation. Most executive leaders have a tendency to hide their vulnerability, so Simona creates a safe and confidential space where they can share their struggles & pains. She says: “there are times leaders struggle to show emotion in front of their employees – this is why my coaching exists.” As someone with personal, professional, and academic experience in this area, she wants to open people’s eyes to the value of opening up, especially if they occupy senior, high-stakes decision-making positions.

When business leaders allow themselves to show vulnerability, communication within their employees improves, understanding grows, and whole organisations stand to benefit. In fact, Simona would go so far as to say that “being vulnerable and showing emotions might be the most powerful leadership tool of all and can bring you closer to your organisation.” She continues: “Showing your human side sets a great example for your colleagues and really sends a message that it is okay to ask for help. I think it is especially important right now when so many people are working from home and struggling.” Whilst she is not recommending leaders to cry in the public to build admiration among their employees, experience shows being a thoughtful and deliberate leader illustrates the massive power of humanity.

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