Shane Richard Roybal: On The Value of Hiring an IT Consultant

Shane Richard Roybal

Shane Richard Roybal

WHEAT RIDGE, CO, UNITED STATES , December 23, 2020 / — With his unique blend of passion and drive for delivering powerful solutions to clients with enterprise-level information technology requirements, Shane Richard Roybal has brought special insight to the industry he knows so well. We sat down with Shane Richard Roybal to hear his thoughts on why it’s so important to work with an IT consultant when operating, organizing, or developing digital business infrastructure.

The Danger of DIY IT Consulting

As Shane Richard Roybal explains, hiring an IT consultant is an investment. In doing so, you are onboarding not the consultant himself, but his skill and knowledge – which are key to the successful operation of your digital assets in a business setting.

Many organizations fall prey to the temptation to cut corners by working directly with service providers. But as Shane Richard Roybal makes clear, working directly with a service provider is something like defending yourself in court against a veteran prosecutor.

Service Providers VS IT Consultants

A service provider is there to make money off of you, to sell you the largest service package possible. An IT consultant’s job is to advise you on what services are best for your business, what products you need, and how your network and digital asset configuration should look, and why.

Shane Richard Roybal says, while a service provider and an IT consultant may have overlapping roles, that is far from performing the same role. A consultant may, for example, advise you to purchase network security products just as any IT service provider is likely to do. However, the service provider will proceed to promote business solutions and capabilities that do not meet your objectives. Or in more common terms, they will attempt to sell you things you do not need.

Just like a car salesman who would love for you to buy a large SUV designed to accommodate an entire family, despite the fact that all you may need is an economy car to get to work- a service provider is there to sell you the most services possible.

An Investment in Critical Expertise

An IT consultant, Shane Richard Roybal says, is there to act as a watchdog, in part, during your meetings with your service provider. He will go over the products and services a service provider offers and work with you directly in order to help you select products and services that will help you achieve your business goals.

Every high-level decision-maker needs advisors. According to Shane Richard Roybal, it’s a simple matter of investing in the kind of expertise that can prevent you from taking on unnecessary expenses. Your IT consultant will help you establish a streamlined and efficient IT infrastructure that does what you need it to do- grow your business.

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