Self Love Yoga Wins Praise for Bringing Yoga Awareness to People of Color

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Inspirational yoga influencer is spearheading an inspirational movement with a virtual yoga community

I learned as an instructor how tough it can be to help people feel comfortable about themselves if they don’t see other people who look like them succeeding”

— JoAnnah Thompson

NIAGARA FALLS, NY, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — It can be hard to escape the media stereotype of yoga enthusiasts being the typical skinny white females from privileged backgrounds. But the truth is much more exciting. Yoga is actually an age-old diverse practice, embraced worldwide by all kinds of people. The good news is this message is being shared vibrantly and infectiously. Enter JoAnnah “Jo Jo” Thompson, influencer and founder of Self Love Yoga.

“When I began going to yoga classes, I remember feeling out of place because my body type was different than everybody else’s, and I typically was the only black girl in class. So, I decided to continue at home. Then I began posting my progress on Instagram and was happy to come across more black women who are killing it! That was very motivating for me. Then I came across other profiles of people I typically did not predominantly see in yoga classes. It became apparent to me that yoga isn’t so esoteric as I had thought,” recalls Thompson.

Self Love Yoga grew out of a Niagara Falls, New York yoga studio to become a powerful virtual resource. The website provides the very popular categorized yoga videos pulled from influencers across the web. Some categories include Prenatal, Curvy, Menstrual, Beginner, Morning, Bedtime, Mental Health, and Kemetic (ancient Egyptian yoga) – all included in its free basic membership.

That is right, basic membership to Self Love Yoga is free!

“I learned as an instructor how tough it can be to help people feel comfortable about themselves if they don’t see other people who look like them succeeding at yoga,” commented the clearly passionate JoAnnah. “So, with this transition online, I wanted it to be a vehicle to display yogis out there of different races, class, shape, size and physical limitations. Those who defy the stereotypes. I couldn’t be happier about the response my work has received so far!”

The community provides an online magazine displaying yogis from across the world and soon will be offering print to the public. You can also find video pose tutorials, community discussion forums, and unique affirmations transformed into wearable apparel for purchase directly from their online shop.

Interestingly enough, Self Love Yoga offers a studio finder, where members can access studios wherever they go. Yoga studios can sign up to be added to their directory right from the website. Thompson adds, “I understand that yoga at home is not for everyone, so there is also a studio finder that lists yoga studios that also have self-care options such as meditation, reiki, massages, and much more.”

This refreshing approach to yoga is experiencing a warm embrace from yogis across the states. Christine S., from Boston, said in a five-star review, “I am a Latina and a bit overweight. Finally, in Self Love Yoga, I found a place I belong. I love the videos and the magazine. Fully recommended!”

In exciting news, Self Love Yoga is now accepting registration for their Maui 7 Day Healing and Rejuvenation Retreat in 2022. This exceptional yoga retreat is being held in one of the most beautiful parts of Hawaii and will feature life-changing instructions, networking, and fellowship. For more information, be sure to visit

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