Savit Interactive Introduces ‘Search to Social’ As a Part of their Holistic Digital Marketing Approach

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How Savit Interactive is leveraging the combination Search Engine Optimization & Social Media services with its holistic approach and new strategy.

Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets.”

— Betsy Holden

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 18, 2020 / — Every business faces some core challenges and digital marketing agencies are no exception. They do face a unique challenge such as standing out against many similar agencies to acquire quality clients.

One of the core challenges is to demonstrate why they are the best option in front of prospective clients.
For a customer, all agencies look the same, with similar services, tools and procedures as well as result delivery. So, how can an agency stand out?

The solution to this is creating unique offerings and packages and narrowing down your speciality service area. While there are many agencies trying to establish their niche according to their core strengths, there is one such agency named Savit Interactive, a Mumbai based digital marketing agency known for their expertise in SEO Services. They have recently launched an approach which is holistic and can be beneficial to brands in more than one primary ways by offering packages which are not only search-friendly but also focus on developing social presence.

This is how they want to differentiate by providing services focused not only on the search factor but to go Social too, thereby fulfilling their vision of offering 360 Degree Digital Marketing Solutions.

Since SEO and Social Media are the two primary marketing channels not only for most small and medium scale businesses but also for large established brands. It is believed that if these both key services are implemented smartly, they can actually work in unison and create value for any business.

While SEO services help in the Google rankings and targeted traffic, Social Media Optimization Ups the Engagement factor. And this is why the CEO of Savit Interactive, Mr. Bhavin Thakkar decided to leverage the powerful and harmonious components of digital marketing and offer their clients value and a holistic approach in their digital growth strategy.

As a highly reputable SEO Company in India, their team of experts create a custom and robust plan that not only helps websites rank and attain the top positions on Google SERPs but also gains visibility across social media platforms.
Having an experience of more than a decade in this industry, they very well know what works and what does not work for a business.

Another key area Savit Interactive has been focusing on is offering customized digital marketing packages to their clients to get them the best possible results. Whether it is revamping their websites for better user experience and search results, or boosting their social media efforts with a solid PPC or Facebook Ads strategy. These might not be a part of their standard packages but if it does fulfil a clients end goal, it is the best option to choose.

More about Savit Interactive and its Team:
Savit Interactive is a results-driven full-service digital marketing agency based in Mumbai. Their most in-demand service is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is also their specialization. With an experienced team of experts, Savit serves a wide range of clients across multiple industries.
The company is keen on making all scales of businesses Digitally Independent and to help them open new avenues for their business. Their services are backed up by a successful business model and offer affordable services with effective results. Being a team of qualified Internet Marketing Professionals who are trained in white label techniques, they are capable of taking up projects of any size and complexity.

To find out more about how Savit Interactive can enhance your online presences and boost your success, get in touch with them today!
Dial +91 9699 477 488 to set up a quick consultation or to speak to one of their knowledgeable associates.

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