Sales of Snowballs Cooling Underwear Increased 87% March and April 2021 in Sign of Post-Pandemic Baby Boom

Under Ice LLC reports a boom in sales of its scientifically backed Snowballs Underwear, which is designed to keep men cool and enhance fertility.

RICHMOND, VA, U.S.A., May 3, 2021 / — Under Ice LLC reports an 87% increase in sales of its scientifically backed Snowballs Underwear, which is designed to keep men cool and enhance fertility. With no additional marketing, the company has been overwhelmed by demand from couples who may have put off pregnancies during the pandemic but are now eager to have children.

Statistically, male infertility is as common as female infertility, although it is still not as openly discussed. “Manly cooling” has been shown to be an effective way to improve fertility. Too much heat kills spermatozoa, which is why the testicles sit outside the body, and why men have traditionally been advised to wear boxers instead of briefs, not to rest their laptops on their laps, and not to spend too much time in saunas or hot tubs. Snowballs Underwear were created in 2013 by two friends going through their own infertility experiences. Doctors had suggested icing with bags of frozen peas, but the friends figured they could come up with a better solution. They invented a boxer-brief with a special pouch designed to fit its ergonomical, freezable SnowWedges. Eight years later, the company is a reference in the world of male infertility.

So what explains the sudden boom in sales? Not surprisingly, 2020 saw significant declines in birth rates across the world: a drop from 2019 of 5.3% in Poland, for example, of 14.8% in China, and in France, the birth rate was the lowest since the end of World War II. Data from the U.S. is similar to France, and there are several reasons for these declines. Many couples were likely feeling less amorous during lockdowns. In addition, uncertainty about the future tends to correlate to lower birth rates. But perhaps most importantly, tens of thousands of women in lockdowns were unable to continue fertility treatments and were consequently forced to delay pregnancies. Now they’re able to go back into the clinic again.

Based on its skyrocketing sales, Under Ice LLC is anticipating another baby boom. William Lee, the company’s Director of Outreach, said: “Historically baby booms have occurred after periods of international uncertainty and upheaval. In the U.S., the Boomers boomed at the end of World War II, while in the U.K., the highest birth rate ever recorded was in 1920, the year after the Spanish flu. That appears to be what’s happening now.”

The company is increasing its inventory in preparation for the boom and is eager to expand its commitment to helping couples conceive.

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Founded in 2013, Under Ice LLC immediately launched Snowballs Underwear, which has become a reference for men trying to conceive. Based in Richmond, Virginia, it sells its products through its website (, Amazon, and select fertility clinics and urologists worldwide.

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