Really Big Coloring Books® | releases new Hemp paper Sketch pads note books Parody books St. Louis, MO

Hemp and Regular Paper Sketch Pads

Premier Hemp Sketch Pads and Regular Paper Sketch Pads

Nonruled quailty notebooks

Quaility USA Made Note Books from nonruled

Parody Coloring Books for youth and adults

New fun classic adult parody Coloring Books

St. Louis based Really Big Coloring Books® | manufactures new Hemp paper Sketch pads note books Parody books. All ages.

Creating Hemp Paper products, new notebooks and parody books for the internet and retail sales, makes for a fun day. Made in St. Louis, MO for students K-12, college, all ages for everyone.”

— N. Wayne Bell

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, June 9, 2021 / — St. Louis based Really Big Coloring Books® | releases hemp paper products for the 2021-2022 school years and beyond. Every artist knows ideas comes when you least expect them. Sketchbooks provide a tool for artist to quickly capture the inspiration of their world. Really Big Coloring Books Inc.® Premium Sketchbooks includes 72 sheets of premium paper. 9” x 12” Spiral Bound sketchbook with sturdy chipboard backing. As a bonus, six of the pages unfold to 12”x 18” sheets of paper. Create, Paint, Sketch, Draw your Ideas! The company has released new lines of products that include, notebooks, sketch books, parody coloring and activity books and other paper related products. Available now and manufactured in St. Louis, MO, all ages.

Sketch Book features include:

• 72 Total Sheets of Paper – Hemp or Regular paper.
• Contains 60 9”x 12” inch sheets of Paper.
• Contains 6 fold-out 12”x 18” inch sheets of paper.
• Chipboard Backing.
• Spiral Binding.
• 9”x 12” size.
• Pricing starts at $7.99.
• Made in St. Louis, MO.

Notebook features:

• High quality 60# text paper un-ruled.
• Contains 100 sheets
• 8.5 ”x 11” inch sheets of Paper.
• Spiral binding
• Chipboard Backing.
• Made in St. Louis, MO.
• Starting at $3.99

Parody coloring and activity books:

• Books to make you LAUGH!
• High quality gloss card-stock covers.
• 24 or more pages, 8.5 x 11 inch size.
• Color-able line-art with story-line.
• Made in St. Louis, MO.
• Good with markers, crayons even paints.
• Great gag gifts and an introspective into American humor.
• Starting at $3.99.

The new lines of products are available today on the company websites, in many retailers and online everywhere. We listen to our customers and many of them admire that all these products are manufactured in St. Louis, MO. We keep in mind the hard working attitudes and commitment of our employees and appreciate the feedback from customers. Its our goal to give the community quality products they will continue to use.

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