Real Estate Guru, Greg Herlean, Helps Raise Awareness for Cancer Foundation’s Fall Fundraiser

Greg Herlean

Greg Herlean, Real Estate Guru

CHARITY IN PARADISE, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / — Each year, the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NVCCF) holds a major fundraiser that generates more than 50% off their annual funds. Like many others, CDC guidelines and restrictions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 led to this event’s cancellation. Real estate guru, Greg Herlean, opted to help lead efforts to raise funds via virtual fundraiser in place of the annual gala.


Greg Herlean is a known real estate guru who is wildly successful and has a natural desire to help others achieve their goals. His record of personally managing $1.1 billion in real estate transactions alone is enough to draw the attention of millions of inspiring investors. In his lifetime, he has flipped more than 450 homes and 2,000 apartment units and purchased and sold 12 hotels.

His drive is nearly unparalleled, but he shows no desire to keep his secrets to success to himself. He is also the founder of multiple companies that serve to enhance the financial lives of American investors. His goal is to share the secrets of self-directed investment strategies to achieve real personal wealth and management that helps him stand out from the millions of would-be wealth mentors in the industry.


But Herlean’s desire to lend a helping hand goes further than trying to aid those chasing wealth. In fact, between all of his other endeavors, he makes time to help children in need.

The NVCCF has been hard at work, collecting thousands in donations to help children and families in the southern Nevada area battle cancer. Annually, they are responsible for serving 450 children and 950 adults who have been affected by cancer.
Herlean is an active board member of the NVCCF for over six years. He always shows tremendous effort to help the foundation collect donations that help children and their families who are stricken with this deadly disease.

Like many other organizations, the NVCCF has seen some significant setbacks on account of the international COVID-19 pandemic. Each November, the foundation organizes and hosts a gala, known as the Profiles of Courage, that generates more than half of their annual collections that go toward battling the ruthless disease no child should ever have to face.

The funds collected from this event alone are responsible for saving countless children’s lives, and they would need to find new ways to keep up the fight.
For nearly a decade, Herlean has combined efforts with the NVCCF and the community, directly contributed to the success of many of the foundation’s efforts. When the time came to spread awareness in these trying times, he jumped on board. Amid the pandemic, he and other board members held a fundraising campaign to collect charitable donations that would help the NVCCF continue children in need (you can see Herlean’s heartfelt video here).

Greg Herlean
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