The New Artist Speaks Up Against The Law Enforcing System That Treats Afro-Americans Brutally Through His Song Mr. Red and Blue

NEW JERSEY, NJ, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just when the nation is celebrating the formation of the new government, hip-hop artist Loui Welli has released his brand-new song Mr Red and Blue to throw light on the racial discrimination that Afro-American people have endured during the Trump administration. In the song, Welli also describes how the ill-treatment by law enforcement authorities forced him to become a member of a blood gang and how music saved his life. It premiered on BET Jams directed by Rasheeda Wallace and now in more demand by the fans because it hits home.

Referring to the US police officers as Mr Red and Blue in his song, Welli raps that black people are not animals or criminals, but they are still killed by the cops just because of their skin colour. The United States of America has witnessed several cases of unarmed black people being killed or injured by the police. With the recent killing of George Floyd who died as a result of a police officer kneeling over his neck until Floyd was out of breath, more and more brutality against black lives is coming under the limelight. Welli hopes that his rap number can give a voice to the Afro-American community and the inhumanity based on races comes to an end.

Born in Haiti and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, Loui Welli was bullied in school due to his ethnic background. As he grew up, he joined a blood gang to attain power so that no one could bully or hurt him. However, Welli’s passion for music made him leave the gang and explore the artistic path instead. He soon realized that music can be more powerful and mightier than the gun.

“As a black man, I have been a victim of discrimination all my life. I have seen my innocent black brothers and sisters falling prey to the guns of the police, for no crime at all”, says Welli. “My new song is my way of stressing on the issue and speaking up for the black community. It is high time that we, the black people, are treated equally as others”, he adds.

About Loui Welli:
Loui Welli, formerly known as Dumerson Clenord, is a Haitian rapper and songwriter who has recorded several hit songs such as “Laundry” and “Do What I Want”. Welli is also a live performing artist with one of his biggest shows in a Canadian beach club where he shared the stage with fellow Haitian rapper and three times Grammy award-winner Wyclef Jean and well-known rapper O.T. Genesis. To know more about Loui Welli, check out his Instagram page.

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