QUIC To Replace TCPIP Speeds Web 3 – 10x Security Institute’s Benchmarks Report

New TCPIP Protocol QUIC Wins Over TCP

QUIC on Right Handily Wins Over TCP

QUIC like one powerful spike wins

QUIC like one powerful spike wins


Provides research on how to safely use QUIC

Security Institute Reports IETF Internet Engineering Task Force Advances QUIC Protocol Standard. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cloudflare, Lead Way

QUIC enables 5G promising to create a trillion dollar market for QUIC upgrades. Globally, an estimated 500 million firewalls will need to be upgraded to securely vet QUIC communications soon.”

— Bill Alderson, Executive NetAnalyst

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A brand-new web protocol providing faster performance for billions of users worldwide is moving forward rapidly. QUIC, aptly named passed another milestone just in time to enable 5G networks.

Internet Protocols under the name TCP/IP are nearing 50 years old and QUIC as prodigy takes center stage. What started as a weekend project by Jim Roskind 8 years ago has come of age. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Cloudflare, and more are mainstreaming QUIC accelerating web performance to the world.

Rural and those outside of urban centers have most to gain from QUIC. Developing countries and anyone in developed countries suffering long delays is about to have their performance improved. Korea has lowest latency due to distance and density of network users, with QUIC providing India, with the highest latency a great boost.

QUIC comes just in time to empower 5G high speed networks. Despite higher speeds, 5G (or any network) cannot effectively make use of new bandwidth without QUICs’ protocol empowerment. Physics speed of light dictates latency. Higher bandwidths across lengths require protocols to overcome some effects of latency providing more unacknowledged data and better error recovery provided by QUIC. 5G is the transmission media, QUIC provides algorithms to use the new bandwidth. Without QUIC, 5G bandwidth might be wasted and not usable.

Connection sharing is a significant improvement. QUIC combines multiple Web protocols together in a heuristically tuned group for the first time. The first connect actually has three or more connections in parallel instead of serially. And other functions pass multiple queries in one packet instead of many long volleys. QUIC has many improved features which we explain in detail in our reports and in a new YouTube Channel that is optimized by QUIC protocols already enabled for some time.

QUIC is enabled by a simple Browser setting anyone can do in one minute. Organization security risks are high until firewalls support QUIC – see resources below to guide your QUIC corporate security journey. We are announcing with this release the first post-Covid live and online QUIC.Show Security Conference planned in Austin, Texas May 2021. Stay tuned for more details as they arise.

Get the full story on QUIC benchmark tests, security risk mitigation strategy and detailed research papers by visiting GotQuic.com and its links to resources and see how to enable QUIC on your Browser in one minute.

Gamers have known about latency or “lag” for years, always trying to upgrade, optimize, and improve their systems to increase competitive advantage. Think of network packet transactions like Volleyball – instead of long volleys, QUIC wins with one perfect spike.

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