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We are thrilled to work with the Bloomberg to deliver next generation public policy data that enhances investors’ ability to make decisions using concrete facts amid unprecedented change globally.”

— Barbara C. Matthews, Founder & CEO, BCMstrategy, Inc.

ALEXANDRIA, VA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — BCMstrategy, Inc., the innovation leader in public policy predictive analytics, announced today that policy risk alternative datasets from its PolicyScope Platform are now live on Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point. Daily global momentum data and multivariate historical time series data for hundreds of key issues are now available to Bloomberg Data License clients.

PolicyScope data accessible via Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point allows Bloomberg clients to quantify the delta between official sector action and official sector rhetoric, cutting through the noise of the news cycle to spot inflection points globally across a range of issues important to exchange rate, sovereign bond, and equity investors. Subscribers, including global macro investors, will gain significant alpha-generating informational advantages and more accurate scenario analysis inputs by charting public policy data against key market aggregates and by using PolicyScope data to train machine learning and artificial intelligence systems.

Launched in September 2018, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is the company’s web-based data marketplace that allows Data License clients to easily discover, access and immediately use high quality, market leading content from both Bloomberg and third party providers. In September 2020, Bloomberg announced the expansion of its alternative data offering through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. The expansion represents a three-fold increase in the number of third-party alternative data vendors available through Enterprise Access Point since the product’s introduction in February 2019. The move allows Bloomberg clients to access a much-expanded catalogue of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today’s market environment.

“We are thrilled to work with the Bloomberg to deliver next generation public policy data to market participants, enhancing investors’ ability to make decisions based on concrete facts at a moment of unprecedented change globally,” said Barbara C. Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMstrategy, Inc. “Our PolicyScope process uses 9+ layers of patented analytical automation to deliver transparent, objective data drawn directly from the public policy process without using sentiment analysis.” Ms. Matthews added that the PolicyScope process is “grounded in political science with a focus on the drivers of public policy risk, creating objective structured data that empowers investors to identify how policy shifts will impact existing and potential portfolio positions.”

For more information about Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, please visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/professional/product/enterprise-access-point/
To access BCMstrategy, Inc.’s PolicyScope data on the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, please visit: https://eap.bloomberg.com/catalogs/bbg/products/BCMStrategiesPolicyScopeEdition1

To learn more about BCMstrategy, Inc. solutions and use cases, please visit www.policyscope.io and www.bcmstrategy2.com

About BCMstrategy, Inc.: BCMstrategy, Inc. uses patented analytical processes grounded in objective political science principles and concrete experience in policymaking globally to convert the language of public policy (unstructured data) into objective structured data. The Founder is a global thought leader that has served multiple years in senior U.S. government positions in the United States and Europe. She is also the author of the patented process. The Co-Founders bring decades of successful technology innovation experience, with multiple exits and awards from a range of companies including Sirius/XM.

About the Patented PolicyScope Platform: The PolicyScope Platform generates daily quantitative measurements and multivariate time series data that capture public policy reaction functions. Current daily coverage includes finance ministries, central banks, trade ministers, and financial regulators from most G20 countries as well as key multilateral institutions and select legislative committees. Current issue coverage includes COVID-19 economic, financial, and regulatory policy globally, digital currencies (including stablecoins and CBDCs), the LIBOR transition, ESG (particularly green) disclosures, trade, Brexit, digital services taxes, 5G, and macroprudential policy. Additional issue coverage is planned for 2021.

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