Petra Gems releases a list of the top 100 websites in the wedding industry for 2021

These Influencers make significant contributions to help individuals plan a perfect wedding and deserve acknowledgment for their efforts.

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2020 / — The Coronavirus pandemic has severally disrupted many hospitality and tourism-related industries. Among them, the wedding industry, a multi-billion-dollar industry, particularly has taken a significant hit. Initially, the industry expected the virus to be contained in a short period of time, but an end to this pandemic is yet to be seen.

As the disruption unfolded, many scrambled to salvage planned weddings or somehow reschedule them. Canceling these planned events was particularly hard for wedding professionals as they would not only lose future revenue but had to also give back parts of non-refundable deposits due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the continued disruption in the industry, a number of influencers and publishers continue to provide valuable insights, creative tips, and alternative ideas for couples to plan their weddings, even as the pandemic unfolds.

To acknowledge their hard work and unique contributions, Petra Gems released a final list of the top 100 websites in the wedding industry for their unique and thought-provoking content. The list not only includes industry leaders such as or the Knot, but also celebrate the work of smaller contributors such as 100 Layer Cake and

As we welcome 2021, these influencers hope for a bright future and expect the industry to recover from the impact of the pandemic. They particularly expect the summer of 2021 to be a busy season for the industry. Wedding professionals also hope that as more vaccine is delivered, it will ease concerns among couples to proactively plan their weddings.

To see the list and explore the creative content of these publishers, please visit the link here.

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