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Integration with SAP HANA allows professional software developers to access turbocharged Omnis Studio connectivity

Networking and integrating Omnis Studio and SAP HANA® unleashes tremendous opportunities for performance, scalability, real-time analytics, data integration and much more. ”

— Andrea Guidi Softpi Sales and Marketing Director

UNITED KINGDOM, June 3, 2021 / — Thanks to a new partnership agreement with SAP, brokered by Software Products Italia (SOFTPI), value added distributors in the Italian, Spanish and LATAM markets, all Omnis Partners and enterprises already using SAP HANA databases can now take the versatility of Omnis Studio to the next level. So Omnis Studio’s flexible functionality now comes enhanced with SAP HANA’s powerful in-memory processing, a combination which both simplifies and accelerates the overall integration of data streams and applications.

Discussing the potential implications for performance, Softpi Sales and Marketing Director Andrea Guidi comments: “The use of in-memory processing, which fully exploits the RAM memory of the systems, represents an evolutionary leap. The adoption of this technology for the Omnis Studio 10.2 platform allows us to increase performance exponentially.”

The power and flexibility of the Omnis Studio platform is much enhanced by its comprehensive database connectivity. Current DB applications with Omnis Studio compatibility include Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as many JDBC and ODBC compliant databases. Adding SAP S/4 HANA to this list will further boost the data-processing power available to developers, especially bearing in mind that Omnis applications can also transfer data from one database system to another, and even access different databases simultaneously.

Pairing with SAP HANA’s groundbreaking design architecture, Omnis developers can now gain new possibilities for their business by combining Omnis Studio’s enormous productivity in app development with SAP HANA’s high-speed online transaction processing (OLTP) and advanced online analytical processing (OLAP).

SAP HANA’s in-memory data storage utilises ‘dynamic tiering’ to prioritise access to regularly retrieved data and thus deliver exceptionally fast access speeds. And managing data in column-based tables instead of rows likewise achieves much faster read times, given that closely related datasets stored in a single column can be vertically compressed with relative ease. Such features mean developers can now anticipate a new contemporary data-processing standard: maximum flexibility and precision supported by virtual zero latency.

This formidable performance will immediately benefit data- and resource-hungry web and mobile applications. Heavy data loads, growing volumes of users, and complex data processing at ever-increasing speeds all become easier to accommodate, while still reducing demands on system resources.

App developers can now combine the very best of two powerful options: the fast app development capabilities of Omnis Studio to deliver a solution in shorter time and with fewer resources for all platforms and devices, in harness with SAP HANA’s enormous performance, security and advanced analytics which can fully support strategic actions and real-time business decisions.

Corporate clients already deploying SAP HANA will also be able to take full advantage of a potential productivity boost. Using Omnis Studio’s development environment, businesses will be able to build Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps for mobile, web and desktop applications in record time with leaner resources. This enhanced flexibility will allow companies to produce smarter apps and respond to market demands with far greater agility.

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