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People want change and have found it!

BAYARD, IA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2021 / — During the last 14 days, most alternative social media platforms have seen an increase in traffic due to new community standards on Facebook and Twitter. They are limiting their users ability to speak and post openly and without prejudice, not just politically either.

With Twitter banning Donald Trump, former President of the United States, many conservatives have looked elsewhere to socialize. Parler was the go-to Twitter clone for many until they violated the terms of service for Google, Apple, and Amazon. That resulted in removal of their site for a short time. Since Parler’s return, many of their fans have deleted their accounts due to Parler accepting Google and Amazon monitoring software. With Parler now collecting personal information to have an account as they resurfaced, it makes people wonder.. why do they need this information?

There is great news for all who want to express openly how they feel, what they think, and who they are. A new social networking platform, known as YoReSpot, has just about every feature Facebook has, without the overbearing censorship or community standards. They have been working diligently on their site and apps, preparing for the day they start advertising; adding multiple servers, owning their own apps and site code, setting up load balancing and clusters, and making many online appearances with influential public figures.

YoReSpot prides itself on unity and free speech. The CEO of YoReSpot, Brandon Irlbeck of Bayard, Iowa, is all about giving people a voice back, spreading love over hatred and eliminating censorship. YoReSpot does not promote hate speech or violence, nor do they allow it.

In the last few days, according to Irlbeck, YoReSpot has tripled in members. “It’s good to see that I am not the only one interested in getting back to the loving America I was raised in,” says Irlbeck.

When asked how many members YoReSpot could handle Irlbeck responded with “We don’t have a limit, I press a button and add a few more servers and within minutes we can handle another 250,000.” When asked how YoReSpot’s apps are still in the app stores, Irlbeck answered “We don’t break the law. They have tried to tell us that we have violated the terms of use, we respectfully responded with evidence to the contrary, after that they ended up thanking us for resolving the issue.”

YoReSpot guarantees an unbiased platform for anyone and everyone. The social media platform protects our free speech and does it well. When we asked users what they thought of YoReSpot and how it differs from the others they all said the same thing:
“We are actually free here, to be who we are without someone covering our mouths.”
“Ever see any other CEO go live and sing Karaoke? Brandon does and he is amazing.”
“The feeling of community and lack of hatred is very refreshing.”

YoReSpots numbers have surged and some think this will be the next big thing.

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