New Nonprofit Addresses the “Poverty of the Carless”

Drive For Freedom Foundation is established to End the Cycle of Poverty Resulting from No Vehicle Access in Households in the United States

As an organization, we are looking to ensure that no one is left behind…by providing underserved communities with the independence of car access and access to jobs…”

— Allen Bryant, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / — Drive For Freedom Foundation, Inc (“Drive For Freedom”), has been established to drive out the very real “poverty of the carless” with the mission of ending the cycle of poverty and dependence no car access creates in many areas of the United States.

Over the last sixty years, the advances in our society have been made on the premise of universal private vehicle access/ownership, often leaving households in neighborhoods without such access condemned to dependence, joblessness, food deserts and poverty.

“Poverty of the Carless,” a term coined by David King (Arizona State University), Michael J. Smart (Rutgers University), and Michael Manville (University of California), notes the ever-increasing poverty rate of those households without vehicles throughout the United States. Between 1960 and 2014, the U.S. poverty rate fell from 24 percent to 14 percent, but for households without vehicles, the poverty rate actually rose from 42 percent to 44 percent.

Public transportation, in many cases is not available or impractical, ride sharing and taxis are too expensive to be sustainable, and – while the push towards electric vehicles and new automotive technologies is great for the planet – these efforts have only exacerbated the problem in the near-term with higher overall vehicle prices.

Entry level jobs in the United States are increasingly located in specific regions, while individuals in most need of these opportunities oftentimes live in distant areas and require personal transportation.

In addition, right now there is thriving demand for “gig” driving services and drivers, both for delivery and ride sharing, in almost every area of the country. In today’s society, vehicles have become more than just private transportation – they truly can be an income producing asset for those who own them.

“The Drive For Freedom Foundation intends to take a rapid and scaled approach to eliminate the “Poverty of the Carless” and enable significant and meaningful change for the many impacted by this issue. By working with entry level employers, job training programs, and the new “gig” economy providers in food and merchandise delivery, ride sharing, and similar commercial endeavors, we can provide immediate employment to those equipped with vehicles provided by Drive For Freedom,” says Allen Bryant, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Drive For Freedom Foundation.

“Access to private vehicles is no longer solely for transportation or even to get to a job – for the first-time cars themselves have become significant income producing assets for many. The ‘gig’ economy has been monumental in creating opportunities across the country for those who have vehicles. As an organization, we are looking to ensure that no one is left behind as these secular trends continue – by providing underserved communities with car access and ownership, and job opportunities associated with this” says Bryant.

Members of the founding Board of Trustees Drive For Freedom are:

Allen Bryant, Knightsgate Ventures
Robert McDonald, Pagaya Investments
Mark Shinaberry, Vehicle Concierge Services
Jay Kingly, Centricity

About the Drive For Freedom Foundation
Drive For Freedom Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate the “Poverty of the Carless.” Headquartered in New Jersey, Drive For Freedom looks to partner with entry level employers, job training organizations and the needs of the new “gig” economy providers for drivers with vehicles, to end the cycle of poverty by providing vehicle access and ownership for carless households in underserved communities in the United States.


Drive For Freedom Foundation

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Drive For Freedom Foundation Inc
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