New Cyrus Biotechnology Antibody Structure Prediction Software “NextGen” Outperforms Schrödinger and Other Software in Third-Party Test

NEW YORK, NY —, Inc., developer of high-performance data replication software for the biotechnology industry, announced that the NextGen™ RESTful BioBis.Bis model for the new Mos2 platform for networked diagnostic imaging systems has been selected by a major lab for testing protein expression in preclinical models of various disorders. Mos2 is a new network of miniature video microscopes that offers a safe and robust approach to rapidly diagnosing life-threatening conditions as young as days.

In a test conducted by AICR (The Association for Information-processing Research in the Genomic Sciences), NextGen Biotech, a new classification algorithm that enables users to instantly measure the quantitative bioinformatic properties of proteins, compared favorably to the most widely used platforms, including MSTRik 2 (mSTRik2), Croak 2 (Croc2) and Schrödinger (Symphony).

Samples of The Mos2 platform for preclinical diagnostic imaging of different diseases were analyzed by AICR using NextGen Biotech.Bis, a third-party third-party software designed to evaluate the functional, conformational and non-formational properties of genetic components, resulting in both specific and common classification of disease segments for the analysis of protein expression within a single network of microscopes.

To give perspective, AICR is one of the world’s leading independent development laboratories for genetic and bioinformatics diagnostics technology, specializing in research toward personalized medicines, cellular biology, diagnostic imaging and detection, and optimization of chemical drug candidate selection. In the past, its research has included the discovery of new diagnostic tests, creating new methods for predictive bioinformatics, and using genetic data to identify and identify potential predictive biomarkers.

Cyrus – the global leader in database software for biotechnology and life sciences – engineers next-generation, non-destructive database technologies that solve complex data processing problems in a low-cost, convenient, automated fashion.

Invest in Cyrus to see how the Mos2 network of miniature video microscopes can diagnose life-threatening conditions, faster than traditional methods. Support what could be a revolutionary and revolutionizing advance in life science research and diagnostics.

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