MesaPrime announces launch of revolutionary arbitrage trading system – MPE (MesaPrime Execution) Engine

The launch of MesaPrime’s MPE (MesaPrime Execution) Engine will provide a revolutionary new system that capitalizes on trading opportunities.

HONG KONG, CHINA, December 18, 2020 / — MesaPrime, a company leading the way in providing cryptocurrency solutions and technological developments for financial markets, recently introduced their new software package for traders called the MPE (MesaPrime Execution) Engine. The MPE Engine is revolutionary in its approach as it scans the entire universe of cryptocurrency and digital assets across multiple trading platforms, for example, trading markets or venues.

The MPE Engine uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) Machine Learning algorithms to identify various mispricings, as well as instantly execute trades, which in turn increases the rate of success and user’s profits. As Mr.Frederick Tan, co-founder of MesaPrime, says, ‘We believe that cryptocurrency and digital assets will revolutionize the financial industry, and at MesaPrime we are committed to creating and distributing the tools of that revolution to as many people as possible. With the MPE Engine, we have created a simple, flexible, and powerful arbitrage system that allows even unsophisticated users to profit from cryptocurrency markets’.

With over 500 trades and over 3000 users per second, and having worked with exchanges like Binance, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bitstamp, and Huobi, MesaPrime provides ‘easy-to-learn, off-the-shelf’ solutions and services for a variety of clients, including traders ranging from professionals in institutional OTC trading desks to personal/private traders. Their software is tailored to crypto market makers, token issuers, and exchange owners who need to manage and monitor various risks, liquidity, and execution. For investors and enterprises, MesaPrime offers software tools and license pricing packages that are easy to customize according to different trading needs.

With over three decades of experience in trading currencies, Mr.Tan decided to create new solutions for trading, specifically after he witnessed how much the markets evolved over the last few years. The future of finance lies in creating and providing software tools and trading strategies that will allow users to fully participate in the growth and evolution of cryptocurrency. Deepak Agrawal, CTO, as well as Co-founder of MesaPrime, believes that we are at an inflection point of how technology can transform the financial markets.

MesaPrime offers the above solutions and strategies in various forms, namely, their trading software solutions, which are patented and developed to function across all mobile and computer browsers for flexibility and ease-of-use. The software includes portfolio management, charting, traded execution, and research.

Portfolio Monitoring offers a simple format to monitor unlimited numbers of cryptocurrency pairs, available funds, margin limits, and derivative positions. Integrated with local accounting software, users can calculate tax reports and capital growth. Users can also monitor asset performance with the graphing and charting engine, which can also be generated as infographics on programs like Canva or Piktochart. MesaPrime accesses historical data from 25 of the world’s heaviest traded exchanges, as well as live exchange feeds, which offers real-time exposure to prices and OTC brokers.

Apart from MesaPrime’s latest MPE Engine, their aim is to make financial independence easily obtainable for anyone who wishes to learn more. This is achieved through their Social Trading Platform, where traders of any experience level can share their latest model portfolios or execution strategies with other traders or top crypto investors around the world. Additionally, leaderboards and reward programs give users the chance to learn new tools and strategies.

MesaPrime’s primary goal is to leverage their team’s wealth of experience, which reaches into traditional finance, cryptocurrency, and software development, to create innovative strategies about how trading is done, especially gapping the bridge between finance and technology. The MPE Engine is MesaPrime’s prime example of how they execute and obtain this goal, making arbitrage as simple as possible for everyone.

About MesaPrime

MesaPrime provides worldwide online trading and cryptocurrency software solutions about spending, investing, earning, and managing capital. They make arbitrage a simple process suitable for traders of all kinds, including common retail traders to professional traders from larger institutions. Visit MesaPrime’s website to learn more about their MPE Engine software that works seamlessly with existing trading software.

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