Irresponsible web and social content fuelling inaccuracy and confusion

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, June 15, 2021 / — In the last 18 months, journalists have faced unprecedented levels of COVID 19 disinformation, highlighting the difficulties in extracting truth from unverified sources. According to a survey conducted by the International Centre for Journalists*, 28% of those polled received disinformation several times a day with 81% encountering it at least once a week. Almost a quarter (23%) of journalists said they had increased their reliance on user-generated content with the report pointing to ‘an information ecosystem that is too tolerant of dis/misinformation and unreliable sources’.

In a bid to increase source certainty in medical reporting, MED-VUE is launching the World’s first verified multimedia resource for every FDA approved Drug and Therapeutic since 2018. Offering only authorised content, MED-VUE facilitates Press & Media access to official imagery, videos and infographics to support the growing use of visual content in news dissemination.

MED-VUE CEO Marc de Leuw said: ‘Visual content is now a mainstay of delivering news – but imagery can also be a medium for conveying disinformation. Med-Vue tackles the unique challenges Drugs & Therapeutics companies have in successfully delivering verified visual collateral to Healthcare Media. By providing a trusted source of content we can help eliminate the serious threat of unapproved or misleading content being confused for the real thing’.

Research undertaken by ISEBOX identified a variety of problems preventing Media access to official drugs & therapeutics content. These include lack of visibility, firewall lockouts and download issues. Additionally, content sourced from search engines is often unauthorised, inaccurate and out of date.

MED-VUE is a subsidiary of ISEBOX Ltd which was launched in 2012 to service multimedia content delivery to press and journalists.

* Global survey – International Centre for Journalists and Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, Oct 2020 featuring 1046 Journalists across print, online and broadcast.

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