MacConnell, Perdue, And Loeffler Are Lapdogs For Trump’s insanity. Georgia Must Vote For Rev. Warnock and Ossoff

This is the truth about Trump.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Create your pure self by healing your brain through brain education.

Stop letting your emotional baggage rule your life.

America needs incisively capable leaders like Rev. Warnock and Ossoff and not lapdogs of Trump’s insanity like Perdue and Loeffler.

To make America truly great we need leaders like Rev. Warnock and Ossoff who are leaders in their own right. We don’t need lapdogs like Perdue and Loeffler who are lapdogs for Trump’s insanity.”

— Sajid Khan

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — America is blessed with a vast majority of hard-working human beings that are full of grit. The tragedy is we have the best mind education that makes us professional experts but our brain education that provides emotional health is messed up. We are mostly well trained to make good money, but we are mistrained in saving and investing money. We make good money with our well-educated minds and spend it with our miseducated brains. What America needs, above all, is a separate subject of brain education.

I hope our leaders will wake up to fix America’s #1 problem: We are an emotionally challenged country when we can be an emotional health superpower.

It is straightforward to make America into a country that we Americans deserve. The first step is to select the right leaders and give them the power they need to optimize America’s greatness. Biden-Harris, Rev. Warnock, and Ossoff are the perfect choices that America needs.

America cannot afford leaders like Perdue and Loeffler, who are above all, lapdogs for Trump’s insanity.

I am an activist for emotional health and have a clear step by step plan. Our leaders need to act, or our social standards will keep declining. The Social Progress Institute that consists of several Nobel Prize winners, is calling for similar action.

The American world order is based on half-baked knowledge. A very big shift in the mindset of our leaders is required. Biden is a past master of always being geared for changing his mindset for the newest innovations. Biden needs the senate majority. Please give it to him by voting for Rev. Warnock and Ossoff.

It is very sad that McConnell is still playing his selfish game even in these tragic times to push through his narrow-minded agenda on the back of the need for the stimulus check for suffering Americans. He is attaching his own strings when helping America at this time of dire need should be unconditional and immediate. We must make sure we take away the senate majority from MacConnell. America needs to clip his wings before he does any more damage. MacConnell, Perdue, and Loeffler are lapdogs of Trump’s insanity. Georgia must vote for Rev. Warnock and Ossoff, who are incisive leaders in their own right and they will strengthen the Biden-Harris Team’s leadership pool for the greater good.

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4th R Foundation
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