Lisa T. Miller, Top Healthcare Consultant, Launches Podcast for Healthcare Leaders

“The Healthcare Leadership Experience with Lisa Miller” offers insights into healthcare management and improving professional performance

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., USA, February 22, 2021 / — Lisa T. Miller, one of the leading healthcare consultants in the US, today announced that she has launched a podcast, The Healthcare Leadership Experience with Lisa Miller. The podcast is intended for healthcare leaders. It offers programming that encourages listeners to think differently and learn how to improve their personal and organizational performance. Miller is Founder and CEO of VIE Healthcare Consulting, a company that has been helping healthcare organizations improve their financial outcomes for over 20 years.

“My goal with the podcast is to provide discussions with outstanding individuals,” explained Miller. “The content will be diverse and thought-provoking, but also actionable. You’ll learn new strategies and best practices. We’ll be sharing ideas you can chew on, and then utilize in your career and healthcare organization.”

The podcast features innovators and leaders within healthcare as well as from other relevant industries. Episodes will focus on both the business and clinical sides of healthcare, including probing dialogues on strategy, finance, marketing, leadership and communication, patient satisfaction and more. Miller added, “This is the time for a new way of thinking about healthcare as a business. The pandemic and the economic crisis are putting pressure on healthcare organizations as never before. Leadership is facing great challenges to deliver financial results while also elevating the standard of care. This is not an easy thing to pull off, but it is possible. My guests will explain how it’s done.”

Debut Episodes
The podcast has debuted with a collection of initial episodes. Early listener response has been quite positive. For instance, in “Harnessing a Disruptive Mindset in Healthcare,” Miller speaks with Charlene Li, the best-selling author and speaker. Li, who has written six books, shares about her latest work, The Disruption Mindset, Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail. The episode focuses on the subject of leadership in disruptive times and why disruption is better than innovation in many cases. Li reveals why writing a manifesto is better than a mission statement and stresses the importance of taking risks and being out of one’s comfort zone—and why this is great for patient care.

Miller than speaks with Adam Lorton, a healthcare data consultant in “Analyzing Hospital Data and Population Health Strategy.” Lorton is the author of The Healthcare Data Hiring Handbook – All the tools you need to add new analytical talent to your team. The episode delves into Lorton’s start as a hospital pay-for-performance analyst. Miller and Lorton explore pay-for-performance contracts and the role of the profitability analyst. They also discuss the importance of having a great data analyst and how to hire the right people for this role.

The “Being Intentional with Your Hospital Supply Chain Strategy” episode features an interview with Vincent Matozzo, a Corporate Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing Leader at Yale New Haven Health. Here, Miller and Matozzo discuss data analytics in the healthcare supply chain and how to strategize for optimal outcomes using analytics. Their conversation gets into the issues related to managing strategic initiatives in the pandemic, the value of peer groups and the importance of the supply chain in the C Suite.

About VIE Healthcare Consulting
Based in Wall Township, New Jersey, VIE Healthcare Consulting specializes in healthcare organization non-labor expense reduction. The firm employs a diverse team, comprising cost savings experts, data scientists, technology specialists, healthcare business analysts, and healthcare executives. They have been partnering with healthcare organization clients to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs for over 20 years. VIE Healthcare Consulting offers the industry’s only Cost Savings Strategy that is a proven framework for mining every cost-saving opportunity.

VIE Healthcare Consulting has a proven track record in helping healthcare organizations attain the best pricing for products and services. It enables healthcare businesses to identify and implement cost savings and uncover hidden costs. Typical client engagements feature the optimization of utilization, improvements to efficiencies and the providing of professional negotiation services. VIE also performs impactful data analytics. They have saved clients $720 million since 1999.

VIE Healthcare has set new pricing benchmarks as they go beyond industry pricing “norms.” The firm helps healthcare organizations improve operating margins by effectively and rapidly achieving cost savings. Their proven margin improvement services apply to all healthcare organizations. Clients include independent hospitals, health systems, physician practices, surgical centers, IDNs, healthcare payers, academic medical centers, and nursing homes.

The company also recently announced the debut of its Invoice Analytics System, the only solution of its kind that provides healthcare organizations with the line-item details to their purchased services spend. It contrasts with other approaches, which require manual effort and do not go to the line-item spend level. Invoice Analytics System’s patented technology, known as Invoice ROI, offers invoice reconciliation, contract optimization and business intelligence. It is an analytics platform with real-time line-item contract reconciliation and benchmarking performance provided monthly for outsourced services.

About Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller is the nation’s leading healthcare consultant. She is a trusted advisor to hospital leaders on margin improvement initiatives including cost reduction, revenue improvement, patient experience, and strategic growth opportunities. She’s developed proprietary technology in healthcare data optimization and intelligence that delivers guaranteed financial improvement.

Miller is a recognized leader in healthcare costs, hospital purchased services, healthcare benchmarking, supply chain management, and performance improvement. Since founding VIE Healthcare in 1999, Miller and her team have generated millions of dollars in non-labor cost savings and revenue improvements for their healthcare clients. Lisa’s approach is comprehensive and enterprise-wide.
One of her areas of expertise is conducting clinical cost analysis, linking the cost data to actual reimbursements, and pinpointing additional areas to reduce costs and improve surgical case profitability.

Where to Find the Podcast
The Healthcare Leadership Experience with Lisa Miller is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google podcast and Amazon Music. It can also be found on the Overcast podcast player, the Castro podcast player, Stitcher, Podchaser, TuneIn, Deezer, Podcast Addict, and YouTube.

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