Kenmark Interiors Announces Strategic Agreement with World Leader in Acoustics – Acoufelt

Kenmark Interiors

AcoufeltTM is a world-leader in acoustic solutions, offering holistic soundscaping products with unique features for floors, walls, ceiling and work areas.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2020 / — Kenmark Interiors, a specialty finish-out contractor, today announced that they have entered into a strategic agreement with Acoufelt that makes them an authorized dealer and certified installers of all Acoufelt brands.

The partnership will provide better service for customers within the region by expanding the Acoufelt network of certified installers. Kenmark Interiors and Acoufelt are both committed to providing exceptional service and technical expertise when it comes to acoustics.

AcoufeltTM is a world-leader in acoustic solutions, offering holistic soundscaping products with unique features for floors, walls, ceiling and work areas — anywhere sound must be managed to create a more productive and more humane experience. It is especially useful in the design of working, learning, healthcare, and commercial spaces. Acoufelt products are available in 29 standard colors. Custom colors, cut-outs, shapes, and graphic prints allow designers and end users to create acoustic products uniquely their own.

FilaSorbTM is a sound-absorbing technical felt designed for acoustic performance right down to the filaments, which are made from recycled plastic bottles. FilaSorb can be customized through printing, CNC routing, and sculpting to soundscape any environment.

QuietPrintTM applies print technology that colors the fiber with high precision, while ensuring air-gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise. The net result is a printing technique that is high resolution, that has no significant impact on the acoustic performance of the base material.

Carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™ have been designed specifically for sound absorption. The air flow, breathable feature of QuietBack™ is the result of removing harmful and sound-inhibiting PVC, bitumen and fiberglass substrates, allowing the product to offer both environmental and acoustical benefits.

Acoufelt is committed to delivering solutions that contribute to Making Quiet™ in working, learning, and living spaces. The Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy of delivering acoustic materials for all three surfaces – Floor, Wall and Ceiling – has resulted in a wide range of customer-centric innovative solutions designed to make spaces quiet. By engaging world class thought leadership in acoustics, Acoufelt eliminates compromise resulting in solutions designed for the ears as well as the eyes.

Kenmark Interiors, located in Dallas, distributes architectural products and provides specialized installation services for property owners and general contractors. The company’s nearly 30-year history is a story of acquisitions combined with the ability to source innovation products that provide customers with exceptional value, and deliver expert interior finish-out services. For more information, contact Kenmark at 866.788.2009 or visit connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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