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ITFirms highlights top VR and AR companies in Q4 2020 (Most recent)!

UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 / — This press release covers the names of the companies that have topped the list of augmented reality and virtual reality development; the reasons for the selection criteria adopted by ITFirms.

The Need to use VR/AR
As a consequence of the ongoing pandemic, the physical interactions are limiting, which results in the people increasingly turning towards virtual and augmented reality technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts. The communication via virtual avatars, virtual assistants, and sensory experiences have increased over the due course of this year and are now happening on a large scale.

The Purpose of VR/AR

AR and VR companies are gradually in the process of blurring the boundaries of offline business with virtual assistants helps out in doing tasks in real-time. From affecting advertising, events and customer experience, marketing agencies have been harnessing the positives to uplift their business through virtual and augmented reality. But to leverage innovation, are we marching towards social isolation and simultaneous digital addiction?

The Utility of AR/VR Across Industries

For the apps beyond treasure, online shopping, hospitality, tourism and marketing etc., virtual and augmented reality brings the highest projected potential for growth. Big technology companies have started working towards making 5G the latest standard, producing wireless headsets, allowing images to be seen in HD, connecting large communities in real-time.

The Names of Top AR/VR Development Companies chose a few companies that have surrounded their development efforts AR, VR, AI and are working with almost imperceptible latency; know the top VR and Augmented Reality Companies:

1. CitrusBits
2. iTechArt
3. Mutual Mobile
4. Hyperlink InfoSystem
5. Nomtek
6. Zco Corporation
7. Iflexion
8. ScienceSoft
9. Skywell Software
10. Cortex

For a comprehensive listing on top augmented reality development and virtual reality companies.

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