IoT Company Biz4intellia Promotes Greener Environs with its Environmental Monitoring & Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

IoT Company Biz4intellia Promotes Greener Environs with its Environmental Monitoring and Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

IoT Company Biz4intellia Promotes Greener Environs with its Environmental Monitoring and Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Biz4intellia is breaking new grounds with its state-of-the-art environmental and air quality monitoring solutions.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 / — Biz4Intellia, one of the best IoT service providers, has recently unveiled its new service offerings in the field of environmental and air quality monitoring. The company is a well-known leader in developing quality-rich end-to-end IoT solutions for different industrial and commercial applications.

Both the environmental monitoring and air quality monitoring solutions fall under Biz4intellia’s comprehensive platform suite named “Intellia IoT”. It is a complete package, consisting of the latest hardware, software, and data storage facilities. Thereby offering you simplified functional access and eliminating the hassle of complex management, all through a unified platform.

Sanjeev Verma- CEO & Founder of Biz4intellia speaks about the smart features of both the solutions stating the importance of integrating IoT-powered environmental monitoring and air quality monitoring with industries. In his words, “These solutions help enhance the overall productivity of businesses by providing real-time data, allowing the managers to work upon intelligent decision-making”. He further adds, “IoT-powered solutions at Biz4intellia are developed specifically to manage complex business requirements and push them towards growth and mitigate the possible challenges. They will help companies to improve overall production and plant efficiency.”

The “Intellia IoT environmental monitoring solution” allows the users to measure the quality of air especially in closed space areas like offices, homes, warehouses, and museums that require constant monitoring to keep the surroundings fresh. IoT-based environmental monitoring solution substantially automates the workload by setting favorable temperature conditions and customized ambiance. Also, it helps detect the presence of toxic gases or air pollutants and provides insights for effective decision-making. It is a beneficial add-on to improve health and promote work efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Smart air quality monitoring solution lets you measure the quality of air in different environments and settings. Also, Biz4intellia’s solutions are equipped with durable hardware and reliable software for effective performance. IoT-based air quality monitoring is an innovative concept, complying with safety measures for the environment. You get an end-to-end solution that uses integrated sensors to detect harmful gases or air pollutants. With the use of sensor-based data, you can extract better insights and take intelligent decisions.

The product- Intellia IoT is fully-packed with advanced sensors, gateways, communication protocols, and other embedded devices that work collaboratively to extract meaningful data from endpoints and send it on a cloud platform. The extracted data is easily accessible through the “Intellia IoT” on-screen platform for further analysis and insight generation.
“Intellia IoT on-screen platform” is a user-friendly and interactive web app with various dashboards that allow the users to retrieve useful data fetched through sensors. You can monitor the collected data and gain actionable insights to make informed decisions. The platform is also proficient with advanced analytics concept that allows you to obtain predictive results and track historical data for various purposes.

About Biz4Intellia:
The Intellia IoT environmental and air quality monitoring solutions created by Biz4Intellia, are revolutionizing different industrial segments. This Florida based company has always used seamless IoT choreography to develop such futuristic and intriguing solutions that support intelligent operations and help businesses to improve process execution and achieve specific business objectives. The company is continuously working on IoT technology to provide similar ground-breaking services to its clients and also help them add value to their businesses along with digitizing their end-to-end operations.

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