Insurance Industry Will Embrace Feature-Rich SimpleSENCE® WiFi Water Leak Detector

Early Detection of Water Leaks Can Lead to Reduction in Homeowner Claims;
WiFi Means No Additional Equipment, Simple Operation

OCEANSIDE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2021 / — Early prevention of any type of home damage is a win-win for both insurance companies and homeowners. The homeowner avoids expensive repairs that, while they may be covered by insurance, are hugely disruptive. And insurance companies can reduce costly claims that drain profits and often cause a rise in premiums.

That’s why SimpleSENCE®, the industry’s most feature-rich, WiFi sensor for detecting water leaks and freeze conditions, can be such a boon to both groups.

Created by Sencentric, Inc., a leading provider of simplified and accurate environmental monitoring, the SimpleSENCE leak detection is the first line of defense for in-home leak and freeze protection, using advanced technology to provide 24/7 monitoring and alert notification to the user’s alert list, anywhere in the world.

The standalone and self-contained SimpleSENCE operates via WiFi, connecting directly to a router without requiring a smart-home hub or additional equipment (not to mention no subscription costs). This is a major differentiator, as sensors without a WiFi connection that require a smart hub have proven to be a significant purchase barrier for many consumers.

According to Joe Alfrey, CEO of Sencentric, the insurance industry can reap significant financial benefit from recommending SimpleSENCE detectors to their customers, especially ones who have already experienced water damage to their homes.

“Some insurance companies actually require water leak detectors for homeowners who have previously collected on a water damage claim,” he noted. “Even if not required, it’s a sound policy that can result in the homeowner avoiding similar damage in the future while helping insurance firms decrease the incidents of payouts from this type of claim.”

Alfrey also noted that some insurance companies will not make a payout on a water damage claim if it can be shown that the damage occurred over a long period of time, while the water leak went undetected. Consequently, insurance companies would be doing their customers a major service by proactively promoting this type of product as each policy is sold.

The small yet ergonomic design of the SimpleSENCE detector allows for optimal placement in any leak-prone area – under sinks, next to water heaters, near attic-mounted HVAC systems – even in the tightest spots. Set up of the SimpleSENCE is extremely fast and simple; plus, the user can choose their preferred mode of alert: text, email, or both to their smartphone as soon as a leak or freezing condition is detected.

In addition to warning the homeowner about water leaks, SimpleSENCE also alerts users to freezing temperatures that can lead to further concerns. This is especially helpful in cold weather areas that are prone to bursting pipes.

SimpleSENCE is available on Amazon in a 1-Unit Pack ($49.95); 3-Unit Pack ($143.85); and 5-Unit Pack ($229.75), or on the SimpleSENCE website.

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