Industrial Inertial Systems Market Size Overall Study Report with Top Key Players , and Application

The industrial inertial systems market is expected to register a CAGR of 11.24% during the forecast period. The powerful combination of IMUs with other onboard sensor data produces reliability and automation breakthroughs for applications in various industries. The emergence of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology resulted in the miniaturization of mechanical and electro-mechanical elements in sensors and semiconductors, with micro-fabrication and micro-machining techniques. Hence, MEMS have now become an essential part of the future navigation systems, and thus, are influencing the growth of the high-end inertial systems market.

– Moreover, these inertial systems are increasingly being used in deep-water drilling units for advanced operations. Sonardyne International came up with a new DP-INS (inertial navigation system) that combined the complementary characteristics of its long and ultra-short baseline (LUSBL) positioning technology, with high-integrity inertial measurements from its Lodestar AHRS/INS platform. Further, Gyroscope is a kind of inertial sensor used to detect the altitude angle and angular rate. Characteristics, such as small size, less power consumption, lightweight, low cost, and the possibility of batch fabrication, drive their adoption over the conventional gyroscopes. Recent developments have enabled the growth of IMU-enabled GPS devices. An IMU enables a GPS receiver to operate even when GPS-signals are unavailable, such as in tunnels, inside buildings, or when electronic interference is present.

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Key Market Trends

Inertial Measurement Units are Expected to Hold Significant Share

– High-performance IMUs offers a prominent upgrade in terms of performance, accuracy, and efficiency over the traditional forms of inertial navigation systems (INS). They engage in tracking the study object’s position, using a method called ‘dead reckoning,’ which calculates the present location of the object, using previously available data. The emergence of MEMS-based IMUs enables a wider adoption in defense-based applications; they are usually combined with other forms of navigational systems, to account for bias errors. Defense-based applications are known to deploy two inertial navigational systems to tackle redundancy and to offer better fault tolerance.
– The automotive sector is the emerging market for IMUs, following advancements in various applications, such as stability control, safety measures, and crash detection systems. As the premium automakers approach L5 autonomous driving in the next ten years, the market may open a massive opportunity for IMU-powered MEMS sensors, related to acceleration, LiDAR, and motion detection systems. In May 2019, Innoviz Technologies Ltd, a significant developer of solid-state LiDAR sensors, raised around USD 170 million to back BMW’s LiDAR-equipped cars, which are expected to be rolled out in 2021.
– An increase in the number of applications and technological advancements across the regions provides lucrative opportunities for high-end inertial measurement units. For instance, in June 2019, the sensor manufacturer, ACEINNA, launched its new, open-source IMU sensor, which is meant for autonomous off-road, construction, and agricultural vehicle applications. OpenIMU300RI will engage in determining the direction in a GPS and track the motion on consumer electronics.

Industrial Inertial Systems Market Size Overall Study Report with Top Key Players , and Application 2022-2031
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