I will teach you how to transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual pain”

— Andrea Firpo

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2020 / — Intuitive healer and spiritual mentor Andrea Firpo is excited to announce the launch of Psychic Cheerleader, her private practice to help people release and heal the trauma of their past, uplevel their spiritual development, and live lives of joy, passion and purpose.

Andrea is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), empath, starseed (also known as an “advanced soul”) whose purpose is to serve humanity during this critical period in its history. In doing so, she draws on a wealth of personal life lessons and experiences that prepared her to serve as a spiritual healer and teacher – a psychic cheerleader – for others.

“I am here in this lifetime to consistently and actively become clear in my own energy”, Andrea states, “and to teach others how to ground, protect and clear their own energy, allowing for the accessibility to new growth and expansion within”.

Andrea reached a pivotal point in her own journey when she was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a serious autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid. Faced with a threat to her eyesight and the prospect of surgery, she instead explored various homeopathic and energetic modalities that not only healed her within a year but set her on an entirely new path. Today she uses this unique combination of psychology, plant medicine, Reiki, shamanism, and clairvoyant training to empower others to heal and transform their lives.

In addition to providing healing and intuitive guidance sessions, Andrea mentors her clients, showing them how to process their emotions from a higher perspective and protect their energy field so that they are not taking on the energy of others. This helps them to break the “pain cycle,” bringing them much-needed relief, particularly during the challenges and uncertainty the collective is currently experiencing. It also helps them gain greater clarity with regard to their relationships, career, and health. They come away from each session feeling supported, calm, at ease, and able to incorporate the tools they’ve learned into their daily lives.

“I will teach you how to transform your physical, emotional, and spiritual pain”, Firpo states, “by helping you build awareness in your body and mind around the deep conditioning of your emotional trauma. You will understand and connect with yourself on a deeper level, expanding out of your comfort zone toward new horizons you never thought possible”.

Andrea teaches her clients new ways of being with themselves, and others through surrender, peace, love, forgiveness and compassion. Just as important, she helps them activate their own spiritual gifts, so that can continue the process of healing themselves, and bring healing to their families, communities and the world.

Andrea is a contributing author to the recently released #1 bestseller, The Art & Truth of Transformation, in which she discusses some of the challenges she faced in the months leading up to her diagnosis and the major transformation she underwent as she healed herself physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also highlights the stories of incredible women in her podcast, “Brilliance through Resilience.” Andrea lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients everywhere.

To learn more about Andrea’s work or book an appointment, visit Psychic Cheerleader.

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