Ilhiana Rojas Saldana of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BARRINGTON, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / — What do we really want to do in the future? What does success look like?

Ilhiana is an Executive & Career Transformation Strategy Coach and founder of BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting, where she specializes in leadership development, career path planning, high-performing teamwork, purpose-driven culture mindset and behaviors for next-level positions, and personal brand development.

Through individual coaching and corporate workshops, Ilhiana helps her clients to move from ordinary to extraordinary.

“The three core pillars of the work that I do with my clients to be their full self: finding your purpose, elevating your voice, and expanding your potential,” says Ilhiana. “It’s understanding and being clear on your purpose, your passions, and your motivators. What really makes you jump out of bed in the morning and thrive?”

Twenty years ago, Ilhiana graduated with a degree in chemical engineering and went straight into marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Over that time, she launched a number of successful brands and products. Unfortunately, after two decades, it became “just a job.”

“If you’re working for great brands in the toy and entertainment industry and you’re not having fun, that is a red flag that your career path may need to change,” says Ilhiana. “I realized that being good at the business side of my job was not enough to feel fulfilled. What I really loved to do every day was building my teams to become high-performing teams and leaders to become high performing leaders.”

That’s when Ilhiana moved out of corporate and started her own business as a coach and a consultant, supporting women, especially Latina women, to become the leaders they are meant to be and overcome the challenges they face in their corporate career.

“I became so focused on the work and meeting others’ expectations, that I forgot to be me. I was just surviving,” says Ilhiana. “Now I’m back to doing what I love and fulfilling my purpose. I’m back to living fully again instead of surviving.”

Ilhiana’s programs help clients identify their blind spots, what stops them from moving forward, rebuild their self-confidence, and helps them to envision what the future may look like.

“It all comes down to purpose and embracing who you are,” says Ilhiana. “We start our journey for a reason that fills our hearts, but somewhere along the way we forget, we lose who we are, our power, our energy, our passion. To thrive and feel fulfilled it’s important to reconnect with our inner self, believe in our power and explore the possibility of who we can become.”

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