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Moughenda Village - Bwiti Initiations, Bwiti Rites of Passage, and Iboga Provider Training

Iboga Retreat Center at Moughenda’s Village

Moughenda teaching the Psychospiritual Technique to Iboga Provider students

Moughenda teaching the Psychospiritual Technique to students.

Iboga provider students learn Bwiti song and dance at moughendas village.

Bwiti song and dance lessons.

Iboga Retreat Center has introduced an Iboga Provider Training Program to offer individuals proper training and mentorship to work with Iboga as healers.

The Iboga Provider training program connects you with the spirit of this medicine, the Bwiti tradition, and the land which has been home to Iboga since the beginning of time””

— Moughenda

GABON, August 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Following the recent launch of Iboga Retreat Center in Gabon, Moughenda Mikala proudly introduces a comprehensive Iboga Provider Training Program designed for individuals aspiring to become healers with this medicine. Moughenda is a 10th-generation Missoko Bwiti Shaman with over three decades of experience in this work and is currently focused on sharing the extraordinary healing capabilities of Iboga with the rest of the world. In addition to it’s comprehensive Iboga Provider training program, Iboga Retreat Center also offers traditional Missoko Bwiti Retreats, Bwiti Initiations, Rites of Passage, and traditional healing sessions.

Iboga is the Sacrament of the Bwiti, a spiritual tradition in the western equatorial region of Africa, who have been working with it for thousands of years. This powerful sacrament offers immense physical, spiritual, and mental healing, and has been used as a traditional treatment for addiction, depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and many other conditions. Moughenda Mikala has designed his training program for those interested in becoming expert healers with this “medicine” in the traditional, spiritual way that the Bwiti have for so long.

The program is held at Moughenda’s Village, the minimum duration is two months which covers:
– 2 months of food and lodging in Bwiti village
– Guidance, knowledge, and hands-on training received from Moughenda and the Missoko Bwiti community
– Missoko Bwiti Rites of Passage & Initiation
– Participation in multiple ceremonies
– Personal healing work directly with Moughenda (healers must first be healed themselves)
– Learning how to provide a spiritual shower and other traditional rituals
– Learning how to do a psycho-spiritual journey
– Learning how to facilitate a traditional Bwiti ceremony
– Access to medicine supply harvested by the Missoko Bwiti tribe in a sacred manner
– Ongoing mentorship and support from Moughenda for a lifetime
– Referral from Moughenda for an internship with an established Iboga provider
– Professional credential
– And much more

Moughenda Mikala is the first Bwiti shaman to open up training to students from around the world. He has taught and mentored some of the most established Iboga providers including many international students. He is a fluent speaker of multiple foreign languages including English, French, Spanish, and has spent several years out of Gabon treating people from all over the world. This experience makes it easy for him to connect and understand people outside of his village and helped him develop the best way to use these Bwiti techniques to heal them.

“If you feel the calling to become an Iboga Provider- just like with any other vocation- you should seek proper training, guidance, and mentorship in order to learn the trade well and set a strong foundation for your practice. Providing Iboga is a serious undertaking that involves great commitment. The consequences of learning by trial and error or experimentation instead of proper training can be both time-consuming and risky.” Moughenda mentions.

“The truth is, Iboga and Bwiti are connected, you cant properly work with Iboga without Bwiti or Bwiti without Iboga. This program connects you with the spirit of this medicine, the Bwiti tradition, and the land which has been home to Iboga since the beginning of time. Over the millennia, the Bwiti have worked intimately with Iboga, decoding and interpreting its messages, and understanding the intricacies of the medicine and its healing, both physiologically and spiritually.” he added.

More about Iboga Retreat Center and its offerings can be found at https://ibogaretreatcenter.com/
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Bwiti Ceremony at Moughendas Village

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