How AI is Changing Corporate Training

Training Made “Smarter”

Participants receive instant, relevant feedback of their decisions and performance and can course-correct based on that input, allowing for immediate application of new learning.”

— Thomas Lehnert

USA, April 8, 2021 / — IndustryMasters, a global provider of cutting-edge business simulations, has announced a breakthrough in corporate training technology with its use of Artificial Intelligence fully incorporated into its platform. “This is a game-changing evolution in the world of business simulations,” noted President and Co-Founder, Thomas Lehnert, “Participants receive instant, relevant feedback of their decisions and performance and can course-correct based on that input, allowing for immediate application of new learning.”

Lehnert is referring to the company’s use of “virtual managers” – computer-based guidance – that offer suggestions and recommendations on a range of business decisions while participants manage the true-to-life operations of a simulated business.

For example, after completing a series of decisions around production, innovation, talent management, marketing and more, the participant receives feedback about their performance for the given period (typically a simulated quarter) from a number of Key Performance Indicators, simulated financial statements and, in many cases a human facilitator. That’s not unique.

Where IndustryMasters’ offering differs is that the participant also receives advice from virtual managers related to upcoming decisions. That advice is tempered by how long the virtual manager has been employed with the simulated company, their level of motivation as a function of training and comparable pay, and how wide the lens is of their view of the business – just as in real life. Longtime, highly motivated managers offer stronger, more sound advice than newly hired or demotivated managers.

No two participants are likely to make identical decisions while engaged in a business simulation. Similarly, the recommendations for each will differ as well and are in direct response to how well the simulated business is doing in a competitive market.

This use of Artificial Intelligence to advance business competence is unique among business simulation providers. It’s the most advanced technology available and IndustryMasters has successfully incorporated it into its platform making it available within every simulation it offers.

Simulations have long been used to teach real-world technique and knowledge. Think plane simulators for pilots or surgical simulators for doctors. Business simulations provide an opportunity to test responses to realistic scenarios and witness the resulting outcomes without affecting an actual bottom line.
IndustryMasters has been developing and delivering advanced business simulations for more than a decade. Their off-the-shelf products can be modified or fully customized to meet learners’ needs. With a global footprint, they serve business and university clients of all sizes and specialize in remote-based, virtual deliveries. Simulations focused on a range of specific industries or business problems, including change management, supply chain issues, project management and more, are available for immediate deployment.

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