Iso UNO-X electric blue motorcycle

Iso UNO-X electric blue

Iso Divo golf cart

Iso Divo golf cart

The 2021 edition of EICMA will see the launch of two new vehicles from historic Italian automotive brand Iso: UNO-X electric motorcycle and DIVO Golf Cart

We don’t create vehicles. We create fine pieces of Italian heritage.”

— Isomobility

MILANO, MILANO, ITALY , November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The upcoming edition of EICMA (at Fiera Milano Rho November 23 through 28) will see the launch of two new vehicles from historic Italian automotive brand Iso – the UNO-X electric motorcycle and the DIVO Golf Carts, available in two versions, STRADA and GOLF.

The legendary brand is being re-launched by a young Italian entrepreneur with a world-famous surname: Ferruccio Lamborghini, a member of the third generation of the Lamborghini family.

Ferruccio inherited his family’s love of motorcycles and started racing at a young age, winning the Moto2 championships in Italy, home to many of the world’s most prominent racers. The challenge he faces today is restoring the splendour of the historic griffin logo – a symbol of power and perfection – in the name of innovation, research, sustainability and Italian heritage.

To accomplish this mission, brand owner Ferruccio Lamborghini has brought together complementary know-how to establish a new trend in electric vehicles with international partners Giken Mobility, a Singapore-based subsidiary of integrated contract manufacturer Giken Sakata, and Kinetic Green, a member of India’s well-known Kinetic Group, owned by the Firodia family.

Behind the Iso brand is a system that spans the entire production process: everything is developed in-house, from design to technology – a crucial strategy for ensuring high levels of quality and performance in the electric vehicle market.

Ferruccio Lamborghini comments: “I’m really enthusiastic about taking on the challenges of such a rapidly growing, cutting-edge line of business. This project perfectly combines my desire and intention to build something new out of the history of a great Italian company.Ever since my family purchased the Iso brand, I have been looking for strong partners, leaders in their industry, with whom to achieve the highest standards in quality, performance, and design. I planned to kick-off the project in Italy, and specifically, at this special edition of EICMA, to underline the brand’s Italian tradition, because this is where Iso has its roots, and this is where we will start.”.


Produced by Giken Mobility’s team of engineers, the Iso UNO-X is a motorcycle that offers unrivalled stability and performance, while fulfilling sustainability goals. With a sporty, cutting-edge design inspired by racing technology, the innovative Iso UNO-X combines the finest original Italian craftsmanship with an undeniably snazzy style.

The UNO-X is designed to optimise the EV riding experience. Built on a barebone chassis architecture, it offers better control due to the low centre of gravity, enhancing on speed and performance. A direct belt transmission protects the central motor from vibration, enabling it to run on any terrain. The motor also features a liquid cooling system, ensuring consistent performance under all atmospheric conditions, while its casing is designed to seal off all humidity and dust to ensure the utmost dependability. The battery pack has a range of 130 km per charge, with a maximum speed of 115 km/hour. At the same time, its trellis suspension design, inspired by racing technology, offers maximum strength and lightness.

The Uno-X is also part of Giken Mobility’s smart ecosystem that enhances user interaction with the bike. Riders can download its app, available in the Google Play and App stores, which allows them to control the motorcycle, check on its status in real time, plan trips, calculate travel distances and view trip histories. At the same time, the app enables real-time data collection for research and development purposes, so that engineers can work continuously on improving the bike’s design and function.



Equipped with advanced features, the Divo Golf, which is developed by Kinetic Green, promises supreme performance and luxury. Its environmentally friendly features, elegance, and intelligent ergonomics dovetail with modern requirements, and make it the ideal mobility solution in many settings, including the golf course, corporate and residential developments, airports, as well as resorts.


Trending in line with modern sensibilities, the Divo Strada, which is developed by Kinetic Green, is designed to be a street-legal smart cart for urban mobility. The Divo Strada complies with DOT regulations, and comes with approved lights, tires, windshields, seatbelts and other safety features for street use. The Divo Strada’s exceptional performance, safety, and style make it the ideal choice for convenient, environmentally friendly mobility in communities.

Both models feature MacPherson independent front suspension and semi-independent rear suspension.


Founded in 1939 under the name Isothermos, Iso is associated with the history of post-war enterprise in Italy. The company began making mopeds, motorcycles, and light four-wheeled vehicles in 1948. But the real turning point came a year later, with the launch of the motorcycle that was to become Iso’s bestseller: the Isomoto.
The Isomoto rapidly became one of the biggest competitors of the Vespa and the Lambretta on the Italian market in the ’50s, churning out a hundred motorcycles a day. Thus, the Iso became a status symbol, still remembered by the generation that rode it and its fans, also thanks to a truly revolutionary, elegant invention: the Isetta city car. The Isomoto opened the way to mass production of motorcycles and motorbikes on a larger scale, until the company decided to start making cars only, from the GT300 to its last descendent, dated 1974.

ISO has now been reborn thanks to the intuition of a young Italian entrepreneur named after his venerable grandfather, a household name all over the world: Ferruccio Lamborghini.

In partnership with Giken Mobility and the Kinetic Group, who provide the brand’s high-tech heart, Iso is now producing innovative, even revolutionary new vehicles: Electric motorcycles and golf carts.
The historic griffin logo, a symbol of power and perfection, perfectly incarnates the values of the brand, now reborn in pursuit of innovation, research, sustainability, and Italian heritage.

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