Hailios Partners with Keystone Experts + Engineers to Enhance Parametric Claims

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Keystone’s expertise helps us to enhance our understanding of how hail impacts building materials and this knowledge will usher in new types of damage classifications to streamline claims processing.”

— Lucas Schiff – CEO of Hailios

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hailios, Inc. is excited to announce a new partnership with Keystone Experts + Engineers. The two organizations have entered into a strategic partnership to further enhance each other’s capabilities, and working together, they are improving hail metrics and damage assessment through ground-level truth sensors and intelligent data-gathering networks.

This partnership will empower Keystone engineers with real-time weather knowledge, including advanced notifications and detailed information about hail storm intensity and duration. Working together, Keystone will conduct on-site, post-storm analysis of storm damage to further enhance Hailios’ algorithms and ability to create full-scale preliminary damage reports.

“We are extremely excited for this partnership with Hailios. As engineers, we can only conclude with certainty and work with verifiable reality. Hailios is removing the “theory” that exists within current weather reporting standards and replacing it with the verifiable reality of what actually occurred. We are excited to combine our proven forensic analysis capabilities with Hailios to ensure this technology makes the impact we know it can,” commented Daniel Price, Managing Principal of Keystone.

“It’s an honor for Hailios to partner with an industry leader like Keystone. Keystone’s expertise helps Hailios enhance our understanding of how hail impacts building materials, and this knowledge will usher in new types of damage classifications to streamline claims processing,” shared Lucas Schiff, CEO of Hailios. “I’m also looking forward to the ways our partnership enables new insurance products that can be created and launched from our platform.”

Parametric hail insurance assisted by Hailios sensors allows insurance providers to quickly and accurately assess hail storm severity, automatically triggering payments based on weather events. Sensors allow for remote, low-cost event confirmation while simultaneously helping protect against fraudulent incidents.

Keystone Experts + Engineers is a forensic engineering firm, specializing in on-site assessment and evaluation of damage for insurance companies. With core forensic services that span many weather-related events, a nationwide service footprint, and quick turnaround, Keystone experts are relied upon throughout the United States to provide accurate structural information. Additional information about Keystone is available at keystonee2.com.

Hailios is an IoT and data analytics company that empowers the insurance industry through real-time, ground-truth weather knowledge. With low-cost hardware and geographically-precise sensing, personnel access the most comprehensive and detailed insights possible in storm activity, helping business owners recover financial loss and find relief from severe convective storms that produce high wind and hail. Additional information about Hailios is available at hailios.com.

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