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Overview of how our DeFi platform works

Platform Overview

Preview of how our DeFi platform works

Platform Preview

Glasshouse is soon launching a presale for the $GLASS token; Powering a DeFi app that enables traders to find the most promising tokens before anyone else.

Glasshouse (GLASS:$GLASS)

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, September 16, 2021 / — Glasshouse is developing a decentralised application enabling traders to find the most promising tokens before anyone else, using intelligent algorithms to predict the future price of any cryptocurrency.

The team at Glasshouse are developing a market prediction dashboard that will transform how cryptocurrency traders operate. Their project aims to bring clarity to decentralised finance – using a prediction algorithm that rewards users for accuracy. Glasshouse will provide highly valuable insight on the Binance Smart Chain, and their scalable ecosystem means it will only get more accurate with use.

Initial Community Offering: $GLASS token
As an initial offering to our investors, the team at Glasshouse are launching their native token: $GLASS. The Glass token will allow traders to interact with the platform and access its features. It features a unique economic quality too: fees collected from the platform will ensure a stable price floor for Glass through adaptive buybacks.

Predictive Platform Overview
Traders using Glasshouse will be able to access a completely customisable dashboard, showing them accurate price predictions for their cryptocurrency of interest. It combines data from their ecosystem with deep social-sentiment tracking, providing a complete overview of any coin or token. Glasshouse users contribute their own predictions with the most accurate predictions earning a generous reward. 

It all works by incentivising users to stake their token of choice and make a prediction on the future price of that token. Users predict with their holdings – and get rewarded for doing so. That data is processed by a state-of-the-art algorithm ensuring fairness and objectivity. The result is a complete market prediction platform, free from bias and vote manipulation.

With a huge partnership in the works, a modular smart contract created by an industry leading team and the upcoming launch of their token just weeks away – the path to true financial freedom is closer than ever.

You can visit the project at

About Glasshouse:
Glasshouse develops smart blockchain tools for the Binance Smart Chain.  We are building a complete analytics platform powered by you, the user.

Founded by a passionate team of web & blockchain developers in Sydney, Australia with an ever-growing global team.

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