Industry Leading and Award Winning NGO’s Recommendations Focus on Technology and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Accelerating Global Resilience

President-elect Biden’s plans are ambitious…but achievable, from climate change to the pandemic and to alleviating poverty, scalable tech-driven strategies are available now”

— Michael Potter

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, December 17, 2020 / — Geeks Without Frontiers (GEEKS), a non-profit organization specializing in tech-driven strategies for exponential resilience, provided recommendations to the incoming Biden Administration on ways to achieve high-impact results through its ‘Build Back Better’ program. “President-elect Biden’s plans are ambitious… but achievable,” said Michael Potter, GEEKS Co-Founder. “From climate change and pandemic to the alleviation of poverty, scalable tech-driven strategies are available now to help the Administration realize their goals for our nation and the world.”

GEEKS offered high-level guidance that draws upon award-winning initiatives based on the international organization’s strategic vision, “Technology for a Resilient World”. Elements highlighted by GEEKS’ strategic resilience framework include:

BIPARTISANSHIP: There are major areas of overlapping interest for the Democratic and Republican parties where priorities can be established and resilient interests can work together, including smart infrastructure, disaster preparedness, health and inclusiveness for all.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI): Wherever practical, financial incentives should be considered as central to encouraging the adoption of technology driven, sustainable, resilience strategies and as a means of driving scalable solutions for the above-noted challenges. Benjamin Franklin’s axiom that a penny of preparation is worth a pound of cure has been, in a growing number of cases, eclipsed by exponential technology-driven solutions that can yield returns on preparedness investment that are more impactful by several orders of magnitude yielding a ‘Preparedness Multiplier’.

CROSS CUTTING: Many of the recommendations received by the Biden transition team advocate the importance of multiple offices, agencies, industries, and sectors to be as integrative and multi-disciplinary as possible. This goal is laudable and can be realized more fully by leveraging technology and incentives as a strategic tool to stimulate interdisciplinary solutions.

TECHNOLOGY NEUTRALITY: It is important to evaluate each technology through a neutral lens. Specific technologies have inherent strengths and weaknesses. Neutral subject-matter experts should be enlisted to advise regarding how to achieve exponential impact by making the most of not just the “tool”, but the “toolkit”.

PREPAREDNESS: Many hi-tech systems and services are available today which can serve to strengthen the focus of emergency management strategies on preparedness, as well as response and recovery. Increasingly, these solutions can be applied strategically, rather than being considered a “sunk cost”, given the ‘Preparedness Multiplier’, they can be used either as a means of generating revenue or as a beneficiary of cross subsidies derived from synergistic solutions. The target is to apply technology so that we stop “preparing for the last disaster.”

GEEKS’ outreach to the President-elect also noted that it had evaluated numerous recommendations made to the Transition Team by various interested parties, and found many of them to be extraordinarily valuable. The organization encouraged the Transition Team to consider the tenets of “Technology for a Resilient World” as a way to optimize and accelerate the implementation of US resilience measures and smart infrastructure strategies, both nationally and globally.


Geeks Without Frontiers is a technology-neutral platform for global impact. An award-winning non-profit, Geeks’ mission is to promote technology for a resilient world, including bringing the benefits of broadband connectivity — disaster preparedness, health, education, poverty reduction, gender equality and other UN Sustainable Development Goals — to the estimated 3.5 billion people who remain unconnected.

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