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How a blocked toilet started an inspirational lockdown idea | Proof that you only need 5 customers to start a business | Where There´s Muck, There´s Money

You only need five customers to start a business”

— Matt O´Crowley

SHREWSBURY, SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 3, 2021 / — The last 12 months has changed the lives of millions forever, with many making career changes and starting businesses in response to the UK´s biggest employment crisis in living memory.

Matt O´Crowley (originally from the Isle of Wight) and Mark Collins (Shropshire) were no exception, but they were determined to make the best of a bad day and gave themselves a challenge to innovate a solution to a problem within 7 days in the hope that they could create a Covid proof business. Being ineligible for furlough support proved to be the motivating force behind their success.

‘One day my loo blocked, and I suddenly remembered all the places in the world where a paper bin sits next to the lavatory due to the sewage systems not being able to cope.

‘This led to thoughts about how the same problem exists on ships, yachts, caravans and houses with wonky plumbing that might be connected to septic tanks and treatment systems. Everything at that point pointed to smelly old tanks and the business was born!’, Matt said.

Mark was skeptical at first, but soon came around, ´Can you imagine sitting in a drive through waiting for your first lockdown bargain bucket and then getting a phone call about toilet paper? Well… that´s how it started for me! It´s hard to describe my business partner, but ´social hand grenade’ comes quite close, but once he had explained how tissue contains plastic based glues which can block millions of sewage systems I had no choice but to jump in-I just couldn´t see a downside to the idea. ´
By combining three simple business concepts and an innovative USP, their company has expanded from their first five customers to over 100,000 rolls of their eco-friendly and non-blocking toilet paper being sold in the first few months. They are already known by friends as the Sultans of Sewage!

Matt and Marks Top 5 Tips For Entrepreneurs

1. Use trusted and simple models to help you plan and grow. Tanki was founded on three principles.
– Plan | Do | Check | Act
– 80/20 Rule
– You only need 5 customers to start
2. Don´t let your bum get flat, network like crazy and genuinely enjoy what you do.
3. Watch out for scammers-new businesses are a hunting ground for consultants and businesses that often don´t deliver what they promise.
4. Be honest-tell your story and you will be amazed at how generous, and kind other business owners will be towards your start-up.
5. Always think and plan ahead, you can only influence events in the future and deals take time to mature.

What´s Next for Tanki?

Tanki toilet paper is already being used by ships around the world to prevent blockages and the news is spreading to other users of unconventional toilets from farmers to caravan owners that want normal strength loo paper that will not block their septic tanks or chemical toilets. Being wrapped in paper and bonded with a special water lamination process, Tanki prevents thousands of tonnes of single use plastic and over 22,000 tonnes of glue from damaging the environment.

Matt is clear about his ambitions for the company, ´We want to be in every boat, rural property and caravan in the UK…and then Europe….and then America….and wouldn´t it be fun to supply the Space Station! ´

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