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Deriving from global cross-cultural experiences, Foundry5 makes fonts for companies with an international presence. Take your global brand local.

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 3, 2021 / — Along with a connected world comes communication challenges for complex graphic and linguistic contexts. However, fonts for various scripts worldwide have often been afterthoughts, designed with little knowledge, sensitivity or design expertise and bunched under generic terms that reinforce their marginalised status. Foundry5 (F5) is here to herald a much-needed change and disrupt the status quo with high-quality fonts across the board, without a hierarchical approach to design.

F5 is an initiative between four typeface professionals –Jason Harcombe, Kostas Bartsokas, Mohamad Dakak and Pria Ravichandran – and is based in the United Kingdom. These four professionals collectively bring in decades of experience in different aspects of the type industry, from design and production expertise to customisations, script-specific cultural sensitivities, font licencing and purchase options.

The F5 team is academically qualified, with all three designers, Kostas, Mohamad and Pria, having completed their Masters in Typeface Design at the University of Reading. In addition, Pria has completed a Ph.D. on The Development of Typographic Forms for the Kannada and Telugu Scripts, and Mohamad is in the final stages of his Ph.D. on Diversity in Arabic Type Styles: Its Emergence, Its Current Status and Its Influence on Arab Readership at their alma mater. Jason is the Commercial Director and handles everything else.

The team’s specialist knowledge ensures that their fonts are compelling as a design, visually coherent and technically competent across platforms. For them, all scripts are individually significant and equally receptive to exciting design possibilities. They aim to ensure that the most up-to-date knowledge is applied in crafting fonts and that the solutions they offer are widely accepted and well-received – both within relevant communities and across global audiences. F5’s planned type releases have won awards such as Granshan and the TDC.

F5 aims to have a small high-quality core library with extensive script coverage. They are launching on 1 June 2021 with Jali, a TDC and Granshan-winning type family designed for wayfinding requirements in the Arabic, Greek, and Latin scripts, with exciting performance-driven type families in the queue.

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