February 25th Webinar Hosted by KMK – Exploring a Physician’s “Why?”

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Register for this FREE event! KMK will explain the Cognitive Interviewing process and show how it can be used to influence physicians’ treatment decisions.


KMK Consulting is hosting a free webinar on February 25th for all pharmaceutical marketers! The focus of this presentation is centered on Cognitive Interviewing, and how this method can be used to better understand the decision-making processes of physicians.

We know that physicians are well equipped to treat patients, but there is a lack of real insight into why doctors make the treatment decisions they do. When asked by researchers they will provide plausible, if not always accurate, rationales for their decisions. Cognitive interviewing provides a highly effective approach to exploring the physician’s treatment decision-making process without directly asking the question “why?”. In so doing, this valuable qualitative research technique gets past post-hoc rationalizations of decision-making to reveal the true drivers of physicians’ behaviors.

KMK’s Zarif Islam, Project Manager on their Market Research team, has over a decade of experience with mixed-methods research in a variety of industries. His core expertise includes management and delivery of complex and large-scale qualitative research projects, domestically and internationally. Zarif has experience across a broad range of therapy areas at different stages of discovery and launch. He is a skilled qualitative interviewer and has previously published on market research interviewing techniques.

In this webinar Zarif will provide a colorful perspective of the cognitive interviewing process. He’ll look at a number of approaches including the review of anonymous patient charts, interactions with actors who are portraying patients, and digital simulations. Zarif will present various case studies that demonstrate how KMK has utilized this approach to enhance the value of the research they’ve conducted for numerous clients. Following the presentation, Zarif will answer audience questions and provide real-time insight into problems they may be facing at their own companies.

This event is free to register and will take place Thursday February 25th at 11:30 AM EST. Don’t miss out – click here to save your spot today!

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