Explore Authors Magazine’s list of hot new book releases to order this holiday season

Explore Authors Magazine Fall/Winter 2020 Issue

Explore Authors Magazine Fall/Winter 2020 Issue

Scot's Honor: A Sam McKay Novel by KM Hardy

Scot’s Honor: A Sam McKay Novel by KM Hardy

Mahalo Memories by Boyd C Hipp, II

Mahalo Memories by Boyd C Hipp, II

Cabin fever giving you the blues? Explore Authors Magazine has put together a list of this season’s hot new book releases! Curl up with a cup of java and enjoy!

A cool collection of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books right at your fingertips. Order your copy today.”

— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — This holiday season is the perfect time to give social media a much needed break in favor of reading a good book. Explore Authors has what you need in our list of recommended books this holiday season. From humor to comedy, suspense, romance, thrillers, to cookbooks…WWII, politics, religion, academic or books for young adults. Kids will also love our cool list of children’s fiction. Be sure to order a copy this holiday.

Explore Authors Magazine’s FALL/WINTER 2020 online Edition (click here) is now available. Learn more about these exciting new books in our latest issue.

The following books are available now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, Walmart.com and fine retailers everywhere. Enjoy as a paperback or eBook.


Wisdom of the Ages by Robert Bernardo
High Tea with Ophelia by Eleanor Tremayne
Scots Honor by K.M. Hardy
The Niche: Twin Flame Mysteries by Adah F. Kennon

Mahalo Memories by Boyd C. Hipp, II
Blink Three Times by Sabrina Nixon
The Warrior and the Enchantress by Diana Sherrill Richards (COMING SOON, January 2021)
Echo by Katie Frankey
Operation Arrow Fletcher by James T. Byrnes
The Silver Serpent by Andy Bazan
Confessions of an Altar Boy by Patrick DiCicco
Whoooo Knows and Other Backyard Tales by Patrick Holliday
A Conversation with the King by D.M. Freedman
Orphans in the Barn by David Xu
Maqoom by Richard Morrison (COMING January 2021)
Easy Rider by David Xu
Out of the Mists: A Compendium of Short Stories by John Knight
Theories and Poems by Chris Huber
Kname’s Book by James Gregory
Temple of the Mermaid by Matthew Schumann


Journey in a Journal Cookbook by Chef Lissa Turner
The Day the Robin Sang by Fred T. Brown
Monschau’s Lucky 38th by Jason Boswell
In Search of Knowledge and Happiness by Genaro Andrade
It’s in my Genes by Kathy Gillcrist
Dark Matter is Nonexistent by Eugene J. Laviolette
Dark Matter is Nonexistent: Lecture by Eugene J. Laviolette
Championship Rounds by Bernard Fernandez
Breaking Baptist by Peter Spicer
Alpha Epsilon Pi (Delta Chapter 1990-1991) Weathering the Storm by Dan Glassenberg
Understanding the Far-Reaching Global Impact of of the World Racial Order by Sterlin Williams
The New Nation Party by J.K. Hillstrom


You Can Tell Me: Body Safety Education
Patrick the Pudgy Penguin by C. Robert Moore
The Adventures of Blink and Fleck by Jeffrey Holley and Stacie Swason
My Fifteenth: A Magical Journey of Love and Farewell by Carolina Santiago
Princesses of Virtue by Carolina Santiago
Buttercup Makes a New Friend by V.M. Walls
Penelope: Super Duper Spectacular Ballerina by E. Brauner-Hughes
Penelope: Helps Mom and Dad by E. Brauner-Hughes
Penelope: Be Kind to Animals by E. Brauner-Hughes
Louie Lizard and the Stowaway Adventure by C. Collier

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